Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Workshops, workshops, workshops :)

Workshops are really F-U-N!!!:)
-You talk and talk and talk while working!
I get to know my student more!
It's like i'm in a talk show...i'm the host and my student is the guest! (lol!) I really like asking personal questions! In other words.."Chismosa" ako! hahaha
It's a very nice feeling that at the end of a workshop.. i know that i gained a new friend!:)

I love it when my students..say "oh that's how you do it pala!!", "ooh can't wait to do it!" and most especially when they say at the end of our workshop..." thank you so much for sharing your techniques, i learned a lot!"

Seeing their work brings me so much joy because i can see that they understood what i taught!
Especially when i see how they apply the techniques in their own projects at home!

A locket made by ghie and the russian dolls made by je! So lovely right?:)
(to all my previous workshop students, pls email me your recent works using what you've learned in our workshop, and ill post them here in my blog!!:))

I always see to it that i have a "pictorial' with my student! I treasure every moment of the workshop that i had with them!:)

I was so surprised and touched when my students, Melody and Rachel brought me wonderful gifts (really really wonderful!!) I think it should be the other way around.. i should be the one giving them gifts because they enrolled in my workshop! (lol)

I was really speechless and overwhelmed by the generosity these two girls showed me!

Melody gave me this! All made by hand and with love!! Those are paper flowers that she patiently cut and rolled!! Amazing!! I can't wait to have it framed!:)

This one is from rachel!! love love love the scent!:) Liam loves it too! Thank you so much for the lovely gift!

Workshops are really something i look forward to during weekends because I also learn a lot from it! One thing i learned is that sharing your knowledge about your craft is really fulfilling! Getting that "Yes! NOW i know!" look from my students is the highlight of every workshop!

I was a pre-school teacher before i became a cashier in our family business and before i became a mom! Going back to my first love which is teaching is such a blessing!

Looking forward to more workshops!

I'll be posting free tutorials soon! any suggestions as to what project you want me to post?:) Don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. dami kong pics dito.. :)
    im glad you liked my paper flowers...
    and the workshop? worth it!
    kasi you make us (im sure i am not alone) comfortable while learning.... till next worshop!

  2. I've been to a lot of workshops and i saw the difference... you don't mean "pure business" ...you are able to establish friendship while selflessly imparting your expertise at the same time. Thanks for posting my locket here and... thank you for the friendship! ;p

  3. Hi melody!! of course! anything handmade..i love!:) hehe till next time melody! heart locket mo muna tapusin ko :)

  4. hi ghie!:) thanks so much! That's my goal...to make the students feel like we're just friends playing/working with clay. That is also the reason why i like 1 on 1 workshops more! Thanks too for letting me use your pic! i'm proud of your works ghie! keep it up! hope to see you again soon:)

  5. I got my heart-shaped locket yesterday and i super loved it. Everyone in the house too couldn't help but adore it not to mention how neatly and nicely packaged it was. Thank you so so much. Now i have one more little cutie to treasure. Please sign me up on your next one on one workshop...do you have one spot for October?

  6. thanks so much aileen! glad you like the heart locket!:) Sure! but October's booked already. November na ulit :) Hope to have you in one of my workshops!