Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I feel satisfied and happy when i get to start/finish orders or projects during the middle of the week..that means i still have lots of time to finish more before the week ends:)

i finished the locket that i will give as a gift, started the orders of a client and finished one locket order! yahoo!:)
I got to finish Liam's vest also for his presentation this saturday! I showed it to him this morning and let him fit it. He liked the design that i made and named all the smileys, peace signs and spirals that he saw! hahaha! He saw the fabric pens that i used and wanted to design the vest some i let him and this is the result!

I got my Steampunkery Book yesterday! Double yehey! Lots of tutorials inside! loved the way Christi Friesen presented each tutorial..very easy to follow and with lots of humor! If you are a clay enthusiast, i suggest you also get one! I got mine from the beadlady craft cafe :)

and one more thing to cheer about.....the book was autographed by the author!! woohoo!
one more book to add to my collection:)

I love collecting books especially ones about polymer clay and beading because you get so many tutorials and new ideas from them! But i'm the type of person who would buy books at a sale price! ;) Luckily, everytime i decide to visit Book Sale to search in their messy piles...i can find one or two polymer clay books or magazines hidden there!
So far these are the ones i found.. (my favorite is the mixed media mosaics!)

-----Two more days before the weekend! But before the week ends, I will be announcing the winners of the Giveaway! See you this friday!

How's your week so far? I hope all of you are having a productive one!:)


  1. what a busy week you had! I too love digging for craft books on sale...too much i must admit that i have a pretty good collection from watercolor painting to Japanese sewing books...hahaha!

  2. it's addicting right aiz? :) hehe I really love hoarding books esp those at a sale price! haha

  3. i'm happy to tell you that i also got 3 polymer clay books from my mom-in-law! yey! i've been digging into a pile of stuff from Book Sale lately because of this post... i hope to find a new good craft book to add to my collection! yipee!

  4. Hi Rocky! It's Mich (Alagao).=) Oh my gosh, your Steampunkery book looks sooooooooo cool! I'm inggit! If you're not too busy this month, can I order some steampunky accessories? Para sa halloween. =D

  5. hi mich!! oh yes! its so cool! ill let you borrow it! hehe:) sure what kind of steampunk accessory do you want me to make?:)

  6. I msgd you sa facebook, hehe. =)