Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bug Jar...

I joined the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild's October Challenge:) You have to create something spooky or spooky cute! But the twist is you have to create outside of your signature style. Here's what I made...

Will you get a goodie from this jar?

So what do you think? Is it outside of my signature style or not? hehe:)

Pls. check out all the Spooky Masterpieces in our Guild's Facebook Page !

These two entries are my favorite!

Mummy mi Moomoo by Liza Dane Colico

Bewitched Princess by Rochelle Diccion

Have a good week everyone!:)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Challenge..

I started with the challenge!:)

What a coincidence!! Barb Fajardo's work was the topic in Polymer Clay Daily two days ago. The exact earrings that I used for inspiration to kick off my 1Amonth challenge. Cynthia Tinapple said that maybe Barb used the Sutton Slice Technique or Sprigging to create the delicate pattern. I think so too! :) I know you're wondering..WTH(?!) is Sutton slice? Here's a video showing it. (thanks to Net for sharing the link to the Guild!:))

I really want to make those flowers and that pattern. In order for me to recreate that design using the Sutton technique, I need to have a similar stamp or texture plate that I can use. But sadly after looking at what I have..nothing comes close to the design. So instead of using that technique, I just molded each petal, leaf and stem one by one. I like how it turned out!:) I know it's not exact but I'm really happy with what I made. I discovered another fun design to make!

Here's what I made..

This is really getting to be a very exciting challenge for me! I'll be making one more design based on Barb Fajardo's earrings for the last week of October.

Hmmm...I wonder what design or technique I can focus on next month...any suggestions?:)

Hope you all had a good week! Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

1aMonth Challenge, Sunday Hike and Bead Show..

So I'm challenging myself to focus on just one clay technique for the span of one month! I'll try to come up with one design a week using the specific technique I chose for that month. So at the end of that month, ill be having four new designs! Sounds good right?:)

I'm a scatter brain when it comes to making designs. So many ideas enter my mind all at the same time. I'm so overwhelmed at times with all the techniques I read and "how to" videos I watch. Sometimes I don't know where to start and what to do first. I think this plan will give me focus. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will help! :P

I'm getting more excited to do this challenge the more I type this post. LOL!

I'll be sharing with you what technique I plan to do at the start of each month. I'll try to blog about what I made at the end of each week. (sana talaga magawa ko..hahaha)

So for this month, I'm planning to learn this technique by Barb Fajardo. Here's a picture of her work that I plan to try. So pretty right? :)

Wish me luck!:)

Yesterday, I had a wonderful day with Marlon and Liam! After hearing mass, we spent our day around Sydney Olympic Park. It was really one huge place! We walked going from one park to another. Australia really is a beautiful place! I love seeing different kinds of birds living in the city! Here are pics of our very enjoyable day..

Liam and Daddy played while I was in the Gems and Bead show :P

We passed by beautiful mangroves on our way to the water park.

We also passed by the Ring the middle is a lake!

At last, we reached the water park where Liam happily played!

We were really tired but happy :)
Can you see that blue bag? Inside are my Bead Show loot!!! I was so excited to buy stuff that I forgot to take a picture of the show! I was one happy claying and beading mommy with all the nice materials I found!

hemp cord (for my kumihimo braiding craziness now), glass tiles, butterfly filigrees

magnetic clasps!! (so pretty)

thinner satin cords (for my kumihimo craziness again!)

pandora beads, clasps and bead caps

These are the best things that I bought!! I found black filigrees!! yey!:) Can't wait to turn them into bib necklaces!

Thank you Marlon for the "support"!;p

It was one awesome weekend! Hope you had a great one too! :)

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I dreamt of Kumihimo..

Funny but I really dreamt of trying out this braiding technique! It was after I read about it in Australian Beading Magazine. I wanted to try it badly. It was literally a dream come true as soon as I got hold of the materials that I needed! haha:) It was very easy to do! I really love making the braids that I can use for bracelets and necklaces! These are what I made..

In case you're interested to also try it's how the disk looks like...

I will posting new designs in my FB Page! Pls. check it out! Have a good night everyone!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Loving this technique..

I never thought that the faux cloisonne technique would be so fun to do!:) I've been busy thinking of what image I can create with wire. These are what I made so far...

I already applied LP gloss to the two lockets on top! I really love the effect:)
I made the peacock image but still not sure if i really like it haha! As for the russian doll, I really don't like how it turned out. I made a mistake on using a dark color of clay. I can't see the face of the doll because of the background and I'm not happy with the loopy wires around her head. So I reused some of the cut wires again and chose white clay for the background...and here how she looks now...

I think I'm more satisfied now with what I made! haha:)

I really love creating new designs but the part that I hate most is the assembling...putting the chains, adding beads, choosing what will really go with the design i made..etc etc. Hopefully,I'll finish assembling everything this week so that I can already list them in madeit and etsy!:) Pls. watch out for all the new stuff! Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Russian Doll Brooch project..FAIL!

I saw a very nice russian doll brooch in Etsy. The face of the doll was made of wood. The artist painted the features and then she hand sewn everything! It was so pretty!

I have lots of felt that i can use for the body and polymer clay that I can use for the I thought why not try to make one! :)

I'm not really good with measurements and I have a habit of always "estimating"! I think I really have to change that attitude! LOL!

The project was a failure! I think I did not get the right size for the pattern of the body! I also had a hard time closing the sides. Instead of having a plump doll, I made a thin one!:(
So here she is....

Now instead of making her into a brooch, she's just going to be a pin cushion! :P

Thursday already and still have lots of things to finish! Hope you're also having a very productive week!:)