Sunday, October 9, 2011

Loving this technique..

I never thought that the faux cloisonne technique would be so fun to do!:) I've been busy thinking of what image I can create with wire. These are what I made so far...

I already applied LP gloss to the two lockets on top! I really love the effect:)
I made the peacock image but still not sure if i really like it haha! As for the russian doll, I really don't like how it turned out. I made a mistake on using a dark color of clay. I can't see the face of the doll because of the background and I'm not happy with the loopy wires around her head. So I reused some of the cut wires again and chose white clay for the background...and here how she looks now...

I think I'm more satisfied now with what I made! haha:)

I really love creating new designs but the part that I hate most is the assembling...putting the chains, adding beads, choosing what will really go with the design i made..etc etc. Hopefully,I'll finish assembling everything this week so that I can already list them in madeit and etsy!:) Pls. watch out for all the new stuff! Have a good week everyone!

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