Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taking a break..

Funny but when I say I'm taking a break from making a project..it means I'm stopping that certain project to make another one! haha So while I'm "taking a break" from making the doll lockets, tutorial and a gift..I made two new pieces. I planned on making new clay canes so I used up all of my old canes and made these..

Thursday, October 11, 2012

still here..

I've neglected blogging for months now. I haven't had the time to write and share with you my claying adventures. :( I was  busy with Liam's school activities and house work. And also my mood for claying took a leave of absence too. haha The mood just comes and goes. Sometimes, I am really fired up and ready to clay but at times I  just sit in front of my work table and then nothing comes! So frustrating! My friend just told me that when nothing comes just spend a day not thinking about claying or beading (that would really be a challenge for me haha). But I tried what she suggested and luckily..inspiration presented itself to me and I made these...