Friday, December 3, 2010

Early Christmas Present!

I got an early christmas present from hubby!! I'm so happy! I bought a case for it already. Liam and I went around in eastwood to test it. I also used it to take pictures of my work!:)

The colors are so vivid and there are so many more features that are really cool. Here are the shots that i made! I love it!:)

Liam playing with the cute houses:)

Liam drinking a yummy shake! haha:)

Here are some of the effects you can do with it. (pics taken by marlon) He also likes playing with it!

Fisheye effect

Miniature effect (that's our christmas tree!)

Here's a pic of my work taken under low light but still sharp!

Thanks so much hubby for the wonderful gift!! Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas to me!:)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


In a few weeks's christmas once again! I thought this year will be not be a not so busy season for me but i was wrong! :) Orders to be finished, gifts to be bought, some packing for a trip to be done, christmas dinners to attend to..hay the list just goes on and on! But i'm not complaining! haha :) I just can't wait to have a very long vacation..nothing to think about but just relax and enjoy with my family!

So far, i've finished a bulk order, some rose full lockets, bracelets and now i'm scheduled to finish another batch of rose full of lockets!! Funny but i really don't get tired making those! haha i love thinking of colors that can go well together!
I've been spending 2 hours a day in starbucks!! Waiting for liam and working on some orders:) Just a few more stickers to go..then ill get the planner already!! haha i think before liam's christmas break, ill gain quite a few pounds!! Starbucks coffee is sooooo sweet! :)

I hope everyone's having a very nice long weekend! Now, we're off to my mom's house! yummy food awaits!:)

I'll be blogging about my past workshops soon!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Temper, temper..

Lately, we've been having a hard time dealing with Liam's temper tantrums! I really do hope that we'll get past this stage already! They say toddlers are terrible when they turn 2..i think for's 3! hahaha I want the old Liam back, who's always happy not always frustrated or angry. Oh my!!! Dealing with it is so challenging!

How about you? What do you do when you are faced with your little angels' tantrums? :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Party :)

the little leopard

little wonder woman

freddy krueger

the car and the spider



devil and vampire

Lady Gaga

Just want to share these wonderful pics taken by marlon during Liam's Halloween party in school!:) We surely had a great time! The costumes of the teachers and kids were really awesome! :)

I'm back!

I have been so busy these past few weeks and so glad that i'm back! So many things to blog about and i don't know where to start! :)

Last weekend, i had my workshop with two girls...they're sisters, Kristine and Sharon!! I had so much fun with them! First time to have two students!:) Unfortunately, hubby accidentally deleted the workshop sad. But I requested the girls to send me pics of what they did....we made cutie dolls, a bear and taught them 2 photo transfer techniques!

It warms my heart when I get lovely workshop feedback! Here's what kristine said:

"I’ve tried clay crafting 2 years ago but after a few tries (I can’t even use the mold correctly) I decided not to pursue with it so I sold most the materials I bought at a fraction of its cost =(. Then just a few weeks ago I decided to give clay crafting another try… w/ my sister we had a workshop with Rocky (RockyBeads) I must admit my hopes were low and didn’t even imagine that I would be able to create a little girl though her blush is awful and a pigbear that was supposed to be a teddybear; I guess all I need is a GREAT instructor =)… Thank you so much Rocky for sharing all your ideas with us, and for being generous in sharing us your techniques =). Regards to your adorable son Liam and your photographer hubby Marlon…"

For this week, I was busy finishing orders and making Liam's costume for the Halloween party in school! Liam wanted a centipede costume and boy was i glad that days before i started making it, he changed his mind!! hahaha! I can't imagine making those tiny legs!! From being a centipede..he wanted to be a spider! Ok with me because to make that costume.. only 8 legs are needed! hahaha
Here's what he looked like wearing it yesterday..

And these are the projects i finished this week..

I'm really looking forward to Liam's semestral break!
Now..i have more time to fix the house and finish orders! haha!:)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Good Friends..

..are hard to find but i'm really glad to have found these girls!:) After so many years, we are still the same! Still as noisy as ever when see each other! (lol) Here's to many, many, many more years of friendship! I wish that someday we'll all stay in one place and see each other more often! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


He may be hard headed at times.
He may be so active at times that mommy can't keep up with him.
He may also be very naughty.
But all of these make me love him so much more! :)

*thanks daddy for capturing these :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here are some of the works of my students!
They are all masterpieces because i know that they all made them with so much love!

Pendants with very unique designs by Anna Eusuya

Such beauties!:)

Lovely steampunk hearts by Jackie Bernardo.
CF inspired!:)

Pretty clips and pendant by Cherry Frivaldo

It really warms my heart when my students email me that they made something really nice after our workshop cause it shows that they learned from the 4 or more hours we spent together! Seeing them apply what they learned is something that i'll treasure forever!:)

Workshop Weekend

I had a super good time once again during my workshop last weekend! Peachy's problem was burnt clay so i suggested that she just use the heat coming from the bottom of her oven. Hopefully it will work!:)
--Here we are busy with always!
-At first she didn't want to make a design on her own..i told her you have to do it so that you'll have a feel of it! Experience is the best teacher!:) Look at what she made! Pretty!
-(we used an image drawn by one of my favorite artists..audrey kawasaki)

While we were busy with our workshop..daddy and liam had a splendid time again together! Look at that happy!:)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Project

What am I up to now?:)

Aside from making some orders..I'm busy thinking of a design for a project that I'm planning to finish this month. Here are the things that I'm going to use..

a journal notebook, polymer clay and BEADLADY Sparklers!!:)

I can't wait to start making it!
I think i'm going to give this as a gift to a balikbayan friend:)

I had a wonderful weekend again! I will post pics later after hubby edits them hehe

Let your hearts take flight today!

Have a good, good monday!:)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Workshops, workshops, workshops :)

Workshops are really F-U-N!!!:)
-You talk and talk and talk while working!
I get to know my student more!
It's like i'm in a talk show...i'm the host and my student is the guest! (lol!) I really like asking personal questions! In other words.."Chismosa" ako! hahaha
It's a very nice feeling that at the end of a workshop.. i know that i gained a new friend!:)

I love it when my students..say "oh that's how you do it pala!!", "ooh can't wait to do it!" and most especially when they say at the end of our workshop..." thank you so much for sharing your techniques, i learned a lot!"

Seeing their work brings me so much joy because i can see that they understood what i taught!
Especially when i see how they apply the techniques in their own projects at home!

A locket made by ghie and the russian dolls made by je! So lovely right?:)
(to all my previous workshop students, pls email me your recent works using what you've learned in our workshop, and ill post them here in my blog!!:))

I always see to it that i have a "pictorial' with my student! I treasure every moment of the workshop that i had with them!:)

I was so surprised and touched when my students, Melody and Rachel brought me wonderful gifts (really really wonderful!!) I think it should be the other way around.. i should be the one giving them gifts because they enrolled in my workshop! (lol)

I was really speechless and overwhelmed by the generosity these two girls showed me!

Melody gave me this! All made by hand and with love!! Those are paper flowers that she patiently cut and rolled!! Amazing!! I can't wait to have it framed!:)

This one is from rachel!! love love love the scent!:) Liam loves it too! Thank you so much for the lovely gift!

Workshops are really something i look forward to during weekends because I also learn a lot from it! One thing i learned is that sharing your knowledge about your craft is really fulfilling! Getting that "Yes! NOW i know!" look from my students is the highlight of every workshop!

I was a pre-school teacher before i became a cashier in our family business and before i became a mom! Going back to my first love which is teaching is such a blessing!

Looking forward to more workshops!

I'll be posting free tutorials soon! any suggestions as to what project you want me to post?:) Don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tribute to Grandparents

Liam's activity in school last saturday was a tribute to their grandparents! It was such a fun activity because it was the first time i watched my son dance on stage (but it was more like playing with the lights on stage!! lol) He danced a bit but he was so amazed with the disco ball, the spotlight, the dancing lights and the smoke machine to pay attention to the dance!! hahaha:)
Here's what he wore..
He wore the vest that we designed together! I didn't know that the markers that we used were luminous!! hahaha
-cooooolllll! ;)

So thankful that his Lolo Mario and Lola Irene came to watch! Hopefully next time..Lola Ding and Lolo Penny could also come.

Found a very nice quote about grandparents:

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies. ~Rudolph Giuliani


*credits again to my hubby for the wonderful pics!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

And the winners are..

Thanks so much for taking the time to join my giveaway!
I loved all of your answers!!
Unfortunately, I can only choose two winners. Here they are..

Aiz Kim

What's your most treasured trinket/accessory and why?

The expected and most common choice for the married one like me would be her wedding ring but there's one special accessory i truly truly treasure. This one has a beautiful back story to it that's why. This gold-framed blue glass pendant was bought by my mother-in-law during her trip to Venice, Italy. She was on a European tour with my father in law and thought it nice to buy a couple of lovely jewelries for their future daughter in law. That was really sweet since at that time my husband was still in middle school (laughs...perhaps because he was the only son)! A few days before our wedding day (and many years after she bought the pendant), my mother in law handed it to me and told me that it has always meant to be mine. I was so flustered and touched by the gesture and felt so welcomed in the family. I wore it close to my heart ever since.

What's your most favorite RockyBeads creation?

When I first found your blog on the web, i fell in love with your creations immediately (really! not trying to be a suck up here). I use more fabric, beads and paints crafting my creations and it was my first time to see polymer creations created by a Filipina...and you know what, it was far more beautiful than those i see on the web. I was instantly smitten. And so I checked out your flickr and facebook and my eyes feasted on so much beauty and creativity. However i must say that it was this owlie locket that took my breath away. It was love at first sight! It is very uncomplicated yet very sophisticated. I love the vintage-y feel to it and am a big hoot lover too!

Aiz, you won this..

Edraine Bernardo

What's your most treasured trinket/accessory and why?

The treasured accessory that I hold close to me always is my classic gold circular locket. (with thick silver swirls/filigree and a pearl at the center) It was given to me by my beloved grandfather. He and my grandmother reside in the U.S.. They worked at the US Ambassador's house. They’ve been working there for a long long long time now, ever since my mom was still a teenager. But even if they're away, they still make us (me, my siblings and cousins) feel their love and care. I am very close to my grandpa. And so that locket that he told my grandma to give me during his last days, symbolizes his love for me. And now, I consider it as my lucky charm:)I bring it to every school activity I join and I wear it always to feel my grandpa's love for me.

What's your most favorite RockyBeads Creation?

I love Miss Rocky's Bib necklaces:)
They are so beautiful. It showed her passion for making unbelievable masterpieces. Reaally:P
By looking at the works of Miss Rocky, I am so inspired to create wonderful things too:)

Edraine you won this...

Thanks again for your heartwarming answers!
Aiz and Edraine, pls email me your address and contact no. I will ship your prizes next week!

Weekend already! yahoo!
So many things to look forward to..Liam's Grandparents' Day event in school, 2 workshops and a party! Can't wait! New post again after the weekend! see you then!

Happy, happy weekend everyone!