Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New workshop area..

I'm really excited to start fixing the new workshop area. After much pleading with matching doggy eyes to hubby..he gave in!! The morning after he assembled these tables..i found my laptop on the bigger table!! I was really, really happy!:) So much space to put in my bottles, tools, supplies etc..etc..! I still have to look for a big cutting mat where i can do all my slicing and still have to think of a table top cover so that the clays will not damage it.

Aside from the shelves, i really love the white board attached to the table!:) I use it to write the menu for the day, reminders....and hopefully soon...names of new clients and their orders or lists of projects to finish!

How's your week so far? Hope everyone's having a good, good week!:)

Just want to share what Liam and I ate for lunch...Tomato/basil/tuna Pasta! So easy to cook!

Have an awesome week everyone!:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Before we left, we had lunch with Cess and her farewell gift to us was a CD of our videos and pics in various gigs that we had!:) I only had the time to look at it yesterday and it made me miss singing! But if you're going to ask me if i love singing more than claying..i think my answer would be no! lol! I'm really a certified polymer clay addict!!:)

Here are some of the videos..

I'm singing white flag by Dido. I think this was 2 years ago in Salt and Pepper Bar along Edsa. We sang for X FM's album launch. It was a fun gig!

Our version of Finally Found.

Our first Beach wedding gig:) The road going to laiya was really bumpy but we had a very fun gig! We didn't get to finish taking the video..i think Cess' camera was already low batt! lol!

Hope you enjoyed watching the videos!

Hopefully someday Liam will also share the same passion for music!:)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I thank God for all these blessings.
Big or small.

I'm super thankful for..
..Being mentioned in the blogs of other crafters and clayists..

(thank you so much for all the heartfelt words written about my work! Pls. visit their blogs for clay and craft inspirations!)

...the enjoyable train ride I had with Liam and Marlon yesterday

...for the plateful of Swedish Meatballs we ate for lunch yesterday

... and for the spanish bread and pandesal we had this was like having breakfast back home! (thanks kuya mark and gem)

Have you thanked God today?

Let us not forget to thank him for all the blessings that he showers upon us everyday!

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, July 4, 2011


I was reading the magazines i borrowed from the lib the other day when i saw this very nice product. It's called can use it to color your silver or antique charms.
I searched the net and found a very nice tutorial about smooch..
Here's the link:

It's so nice and i can't wait to try one!:)


I saw this very nice necklace design also. I have been thinking of what to do with my resin flowers..this a very nice way of putting them altogether! I will definitely make this as soon as my beads and clays arrive:)

I borrowed three more beading magazines today! I will definitely share with you new stuff that ill discover..

loving it here..

Although I miss my family back in the Phil...i'm enjoying it here!

I really love the parks, libraries and grocery! :)

Liam and I rode the train last week going to Waitara. He really loves riding the train!

Look at his face..

Last Saturday, we went to the library and had a wonderful time looking at all the books, magazines and cds that we can borrow for free!!:)

so we borrowed these..

Two weekends went by so fast and now we are on our third week here! I can't wait for our stuff to arrive so that i can start fixing the house.

Took this pic yesterday before daddy went to the office! I love his new office attire! ;)

Have a good week everyone!

Its library and grocery day for me and liam today!:)