Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yey!! RockyBeads Published!!:)

My 2011 ended with a bang!!!:) Thank you so much to Australian Beading Magazine for publishing my tutorial!! This year is really the best!! So many good things happened and I can't thank God enough! 

During the first few weeks we arrived here in Sydney, I came across Australian beading Mag in the library (I think I mentioned it in one of my posts before). There was a Reader's Gallery part in the magazine. So I decided to submit a pic of my previous work  and wished that I could win the $100 (worth of beading materials) but I got more than what I wanted! The very nice editor, Kelly, liked what I made and asked me if I can write a tutorial and get published (who wouldn't want that, right?!). So I said yes even though I have  never ever written a tutorial! haha It was indeed a challenge!! With the help of my very smart husband (he helped me a lot especially in thinking of the appropriate words lol!), I finished it before the deadline! So here it is..

I can't wait for 2012. More tutorials to come!:)

3 more days to go...Happy New Year everyone!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Desk Organizer...

Merry Christmas everyone!! 

And to end my December Challenge, 
I made a desk organizer for someone who loves to paint..where she can put her paintbrushes, pencils etc..:) 

Here it is: 

I painted it with antique gold and copper acrylic paints and also lined the inside of the box with felt.

I think this would be my last project for this year.:)

So many wonderful things happened in 2011! 
I really am so thankful and grateful to the Almighty for everything! 
Let's not forget that He is the reason for this season! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! :) 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Card Case...

The business cards that I ordered had a freebie! A metal case..something that I can design with clay! Played with some of my canes and this is what I made. I think I'll be changing the design every now and then. lol!:D

I'm making some stuff for my etsy shop! Pls watch out for the new ones! 

Have a good week everyone!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Ornaments..

I finished making some ornaments for our Christmas tree. It's going to be our first Christmas here in Sydney. Though I will miss celebrating with my family back in the Philippines (with all the delicious food and neverending parties), I'm a bit excited to plan how we will celebrate it here. :) 

First in my plans is to make handmade ornaments that Liam would love! I accomplished that and here they are...

pic by marlon 

pic by marlon

pic by marlon 

The little blue whale was Liam's request. :D
(I based some of the animals on the work of  ClayQts of Etsy)

I also made some poisenttia flowers out of felt. They are very easy to make. 

Here's how I made them: 

 Prepare your green, white, cream and red felt.

I made a circular base where I attached all the parts. 

Cut your petals. (just make a cardboard pattern so that all your petals will have the same size)

Cut your pointy leaves. (just also make a cardboard pattern for the leaf)

Sew them all together and put some gold beads in the middle and Ta-dah! Finished! :)

I'm excited to decorate the tree with Marlon and Liam! 

For next week, I'll be making a handmade jewelry box. :)

Have a good weekend everyone! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Stroppel Cane Challenge..

This was my November Challenge, to create jewelry using the Stroppel Cane Technique. Sadly, I was only able to make 2 pieces instead of 4. As you can remember, I made Brooches to kick off the challenge. And now to conclude it, here's what I made...

I really had fun making the necklace, so I made another one with the usual flower design that I make! Here it is..

They still need a bit of tweaking here and there just to avoid the flowers to turn over. I'll post this soon in my Etsy shop. Hope someone will give them a nice home! Expect more of these kind of necklaces soon!

For December, I think the challenge will be making handmade gifts for Christmas. I also challenge myself to make ornaments for our tree!

Have a happy weekend everyone!!

(thanks to my hubby for the wonderful pics!)

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Liam's words of wisdom...

Been very busy finishing an order. At last I am down to one last piece! yahoo! Now I can make something again for my challenge! I hope to finish the design that i have in mind this week! I'm so excited to start making it! :)

While I have no crafty things to blog about..I will just share with you the funny questions and musings of Liam, my adorable and "kulit" son:) I always get these questions everyday. Here are a few that I jotted down on paper so as not to forget. These are too precious not to remember!

Liam: What is a mommy?
Me: (still thinking of an answer)
Liam: It's a child care!

Liam: Do bats have a haircut? Do they use shampoo?

Liam: (teasing me) I'm going to eat you! Are you food?
Me: No :)
Liam: Why are you not?

Liam: Do you take care of me? Like eggs? Fragile (he reads this as Fran-jayl!), Pls. handle with care?

During a rainy day..
Liam: It's raining. Is Jesus taking a shower? or watering the garden? :)

I love answering his silly and serious questions! I think all parents will agree with me...thinking of clever answers to give to your children is really a challenge! :)

(here he is playing with the photobooth! Having a fun time taking a picture of the mouse! LOL)

I love this picture of him taken by his Daddy! Drinking his morning milk.:)

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Inspiration all around..

wood carving that greeted us at the airport..

Align Centerwater as blue as the sky..

different kinds of birds just walking beside you..

vintage tickets we got from a tram ride..

art you can see on the street..

lovely houses...

-beautiful flora..

and of course the company that you have while going around..:)

Have a good week everyone!:)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tulips and Tales..

A friend (Ghie of Trinket Tales) asked me if I can make a Tulip themed design. Last Friday after hubby and liam were already asleep, I was still in the mood to I tried to make her request.

I made a brooch! Before making it, I didn't have any design in mind. I just let my hands do the work! It was fun!:) Here it is..

And speaking of Ghie, she is one talented lady! Just look at her work! (more of her gorgeous pieces on her Facebook page)

She was my student in one of my workshops back in the Philippines. She is now a very dear friend and a fellow member in Philippine Polymer Clay Guild. If you're interested to learn about polymer clay, you can enroll in one of her workshops. I'm sure you will learn a lot from her!:)

I hope everyone's having a good weekend!:)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Challenge...

And so I end my October challenge. This is what I made...

I experimented a bit with the frame. I'm not sure if the curves are strong enough to hold the jump rings. So i'll test the strength by wearing it. Even if I'm just inside the house, cleaning/cooking/playing with liam, it will be around my neck! LOL:) But seriously speaking, I'll just give it a few tugs and see if it will break.

I didn't know what to do with it. I made it a bit big than the usual pendant size. So I just attached chains and voila..pwede na! haha!:) I'm still thinking of a necklace design for it or maybe I'll just buy a small picture frame stand and put it there.

So off to my November Challenge....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stroppel Cane..

I'm not good when it comes to making Polymer clay Canes! It really is a challenge for me! Skinner blend..yes..but those flower canes...nope! :P So when I read about Alice Stroppel's technique in making use of scrap clay canes..I was so happy!! My canes (whick look like scrap! haha) will be given new life instead of just mushing them together. Here's the video on how to make Stroppel Canes. I'm sure you'll have a great time making it!

A good friend of mine made a circular shape cane using this technique! It was really beautiful! So I thought of shaping them into petals and form flowers out of them. Presenting my Stroppel cane Brooches..

So I think these brooches will be my first project for my November challenge which is Stroppel canes! I'm almost done with my October Challenge, I will post it tom. :)

Have a good week everyone!
Remember to be thankful to God for all the blessings!:)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bug Jar...

I joined the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild's October Challenge:) You have to create something spooky or spooky cute! But the twist is you have to create outside of your signature style. Here's what I made...

Will you get a goodie from this jar?

So what do you think? Is it outside of my signature style or not? hehe:)

Pls. check out all the Spooky Masterpieces in our Guild's Facebook Page !

These two entries are my favorite!

Mummy mi Moomoo by Liza Dane Colico

Bewitched Princess by Rochelle Diccion

Have a good week everyone!:)