Tuesday, May 31, 2011

finished projects...

A can....

and a rose brooch....

Have a good and productive week everyone!:)

A surprise from Melody!:)

I was so surprised when air21 knocked on our door this morning. I wasn't expecting anything to arrive because i know i haven't ordered anything online:) My hubby was the one who received the package. I asked him who sent the package?

It was Melody of Crafting Time!! A certified clay addict also just like me..who attended one of my workshops before and eventually became a good friend of mine!!

Here's what she gave me..

Thanks so much dearie for the very beautiful bracelet and the very touching note! You really made me teary-eyed! :) I love the leaf ring for the letter! A very nice idea!

I'm really happy that after our workshop, we've become good, good friends!
Let's have coffee soon and talk about...what else?!?..clay!!
Even if i'll be far away, I'll forever treasure your friendship! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

a romantic one..

I've been thinking of roses lately. I think that's the reason why the necklace I made this week is full of them!

Roses give us a feeling of love and romance. I think the combination of the colors and components I used in this necklace made it look so romantic.:)

So if you're into romantic blouses and dresses now..i think this necklace will go well with them!

Here's the necklace..

Wishing you all a romantic and rain-free weekend!:)

*btw, the necklace is for sale! pls message if you're interested to get it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

drill bits and blade..

Next project on my list...put handles to my drill bits and put a cover on the dull side of my blade. I'm happy because i finished them today!

I have an electric drill but i don't like using it that much because its hard to center the tip of the drill bit on my clay project. Oftentimes, I make a mistake on where i would like to put the hole because the tip tends to slide off-center when i turn it on! If only i can control the flow of electricity! hehe:) So as a solution, i just bought 2 sizes of drill bits that i use manually to make holes on the clay leaves, petals..etc:) But using them without handles is hard..so i planned on making steampunk-y handles for them.

For this project, I used the Lisa Pavelka Steampunk Push molds i got a few months ago. At first, they were a bit hard to use because some of the molds were very, very small. I learned that it just takes "water" and the "right amount of clay (as in right!)" to make it work hahaha! :)

Presenting my drill bits and blade...

As for the blade, i made a removable top cover. I get so irritated when i pick up the blade and use it to slice a cane..without knowing that i'm using the dull side! (stupid right?!? hehe) So what do i get?! a smudged cane! what a waste! waaahh! So i thought of covering the dull side..to avoid silly mistakes in the future! hehe its removable so that i can still use the blade to slice through bigger clay shapes.

More pics of these tools on my fb page.:)

Can't wait to make my next project!

Have a good week everyone!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vanity..anywhere and anytime! :)

I've been playing with lockets and clay for a long time now. I really enjoy designing lockets and thinking of ways on how to make them unique/personalized!:) Thanks to polymer clay's versatility..you can use it to achieve the design that you want to make! So yesterday..i was going over my materials and looking at things that i ordered way before. One of the things i found was the cute little mirrors (as in little! not more than an inch in size and in different shapes) that i purchased from the US (thanks to jaye! :)). I thought of mixing them with clay and putting them inside the locket...and this is what i came up with!! A locket/compact mirror in one..hence the title...Vanity, anywhere and anytime! haha:)

Just made a simple design with canes i made way before!:) (still have a hangover from my claydate with jen! lol!)

open the locket and voila!! mirrors inside! you can check if your lipstick smudged or if your hair's a mess! (kikay!) Your date wouldn't even know that you have a vanity mirror ready anytime..he'll just think that its just a necklace! hahaha:D

There's me peeking!:)

Now on to the next project again! I'm on a roll so i think ill take advantage of it!! haha:)

Happy weekend everyone!!:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

inspired to make something new..

I haven't touched my clays for weeks already until i made the necklace i gave to jen for our swap! I was very glad that i have to make that because it pushed my mind and hands to make something new. So to take advantage of my claying mood..i made something new today.This is what i made and i'm really happy with it..and now thinking of new designs for the next one..
(by the way..i will put this up for sale..pls visit my fb or multiply page)


After my claydate with Jen(purpleluggage) last saturday..she gave me the sample that we used. So yesterday..i was thinking of where to use it then i saw the tin can i used to keep my toothpicks for claying and decided to decorate the cover with clay..and this is what i came up with..

-(all the flower canes were made by jen..i still don't have the power to make those! haha)

I just hope that the creative juices will keep on flowing! On to the next project...:) Have a good week everyone!

Thanks hubby for the wonderful photos :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Purpleluggage with RockyBeads :)

I had a wonderful time meeting up with Jen Cruz of Purpleluggage! We've been planning this meet up/swap/chikahan for a long time already! Fortunately, we had time last Saturday to meet up! Yahoo!:)

She taught me a lot of tips and tricks about making polymer clay canes! I'm sure if you attend her workshops, you will really learn a lot because she's really very knowledgeable about her craft! I really admire her work! She really sees to it that she develops her craft by learning more techniques and experimenting with them!:)

Making polymer clay canes is not an easy task...especially for me! I think i need more patience to be able to make them! If only i can buy patience...hahaha:) But when you see Jen make them, it looks so easy! :)

We shared so many things about clay..and aside from that..we had a swap of our work! Lucky me! I got these from jen!

Everything's so pretty right?!:) thanks so much jen!

I made this for her..

We had so much fun talking and claying that we forgot to take pics! LOL! Luckily, my hubby brought out his camera and took pics of us! :)

Thanks again jen for everything!:) Let's meet up again soon! Swap meet again!
I hope you'll get to use the phototransfer pics i gave you and the tips!! :) Next time let's invite more claying friends to join!

Pls visit Jen's sites:
Purpleluggage in FB and Multiply
Pls. visit her blog:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Acoustic Princess :)

I'm halfway through with fixing the house so I think I'll take a break first..sit infront of the pc and blog..hehe:)

Princess Velasco has been my friend way back in college...we were vocalists of DLSU Pops Orchestra. We had so much fun singing our hearts out during events in school and concerts. After college, I still continued singing..joined an acoustic band and eventually formed my own group..Euphony with Princess, Marlon (my hubby now) and Joel. We had so much fun singing in weddings, bars and parties!:)

A gig in brews bistro in subic.

A wedding in Clark.

A gig in Podium.

A wedding in Q.C.

just goofing around! :)

But family life and work should go first....so Marlon and I said "see you later" to playing music, Joel got married and was always busy with work (hehe), and Princess had her big break!! We were so happy for her because her first album "Addicted to Acoustic"..hit big time!:) We already knew that with her beauty and talent she will really make it big!

Now she's very busy with her regular show..ASAP Sessionistas, Gigs (here, there and everywhere!) and of course with promoting her 3rd album..Acoustic Princess!! If you don't have a copy yet, pls do get one now..as in now!! :) You can check out her fb page to know more about her album and her gig scheds and of course don't forget to click like, like, like!


I miss singing with you Cesster!:) I hope to jam with you again soon!