Wednesday, May 18, 2011

inspired to make something new..

I haven't touched my clays for weeks already until i made the necklace i gave to jen for our swap! I was very glad that i have to make that because it pushed my mind and hands to make something new. So to take advantage of my claying mood..i made something new today.This is what i made and i'm really happy with it..and now thinking of new designs for the next one..
(by the way..i will put this up for sale..pls visit my fb or multiply page)


After my claydate with Jen(purpleluggage) last saturday..she gave me the sample that we used. So yesterday..i was thinking of where to use it then i saw the tin can i used to keep my toothpicks for claying and decided to decorate the cover with clay..and this is what i came up with..

-(all the flower canes were made by jen..i still don't have the power to make those! haha)

I just hope that the creative juices will keep on flowing! On to the next project...:) Have a good week everyone!

Thanks hubby for the wonderful photos :)


  1. Hi Rocky...Wow...thats a really gorgeous necklace and love the cover for the tin can!!!!


  2. thanks for visiting my blog ghie!:)