Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Acoustic Princess :)

I'm halfway through with fixing the house so I think I'll take a break first..sit infront of the pc and blog..hehe:)

Princess Velasco has been my friend way back in college...we were vocalists of DLSU Pops Orchestra. We had so much fun singing our hearts out during events in school and concerts. After college, I still continued singing..joined an acoustic band and eventually formed my own group..Euphony with Princess, Marlon (my hubby now) and Joel. We had so much fun singing in weddings, bars and parties!:)

A gig in brews bistro in subic.

A wedding in Clark.

A gig in Podium.

A wedding in Q.C.

just goofing around! :)

But family life and work should go first....so Marlon and I said "see you later" to playing music, Joel got married and was always busy with work (hehe), and Princess had her big break!! We were so happy for her because her first album "Addicted to Acoustic"..hit big time!:) We already knew that with her beauty and talent she will really make it big!

Now she's very busy with her regular show..ASAP Sessionistas, Gigs (here, there and everywhere!) and of course with promoting her 3rd album..Acoustic Princess!! If you don't have a copy yet, pls do get one now..as in now!! :) You can check out her fb page to know more about her album and her gig scheds and of course don't forget to click like, like, like!


I miss singing with you Cesster!:) I hope to jam with you again soon!

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