Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A surprise from Melody!:)

I was so surprised when air21 knocked on our door this morning. I wasn't expecting anything to arrive because i know i haven't ordered anything online:) My hubby was the one who received the package. I asked him who sent the package?

It was Melody of Crafting Time!! A certified clay addict also just like me..who attended one of my workshops before and eventually became a good friend of mine!!

Here's what she gave me..

Thanks so much dearie for the very beautiful bracelet and the very touching note! You really made me teary-eyed! :) I love the leaf ring for the letter! A very nice idea!

I'm really happy that after our workshop, we've become good, good friends!
Let's have coffee soon and talk about...what else?!?..clay!!
Even if i'll be far away, I'll forever treasure your friendship! :)

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