Friday, May 20, 2011

Vanity..anywhere and anytime! :)

I've been playing with lockets and clay for a long time now. I really enjoy designing lockets and thinking of ways on how to make them unique/personalized!:) Thanks to polymer clay's can use it to achieve the design that you want to make! So yesterday..i was going over my materials and looking at things that i ordered way before. One of the things i found was the cute little mirrors (as in little! not more than an inch in size and in different shapes) that i purchased from the US (thanks to jaye! :)). I thought of mixing them with clay and putting them inside the locket...and this is what i came up with!! A locket/compact mirror in one..hence the title...Vanity, anywhere and anytime! haha:)

Just made a simple design with canes i made way before!:) (still have a hangover from my claydate with jen! lol!)

open the locket and voila!! mirrors inside! you can check if your lipstick smudged or if your hair's a mess! (kikay!) Your date wouldn't even know that you have a vanity mirror ready anytime..he'll just think that its just a necklace! hahaha:D

There's me peeking!:)

Now on to the next project again! I'm on a roll so i think ill take advantage of it!! haha:)

Happy weekend everyone!!:)


  1. What can I say? Another first from the great Rocky!!! Super fab! Muah!

  2. another innovation ms. rocky! =)

  3. thanks everyone!:) ill keep this one for myself. vain kung vain!:) hahaha

  4. i super love how you put the mirrors to use! geeeezzzz! something i have to get my hands on as well. Lockets + mirrors & clay - by rocky - the best!

  5. thanks jen and penny!:)

    thanks so much jaye! at last i made use of the mirrors already!:) mwah!