Monday, February 28, 2011

Clay Fest 2011 (cont.)

During the clay fest, I really had a good time chatting with these people! It was really nice to see the people behind the FB pages and Multiply accounts that I often visit:)

with melody and peachy , my former students who are now really good friends of mine!
Thanks melody for the steampunk goodies you gave me! I can't wait to use them in my projects:)
With jill and joyce! chatting while judging the entries! It was a really fun experience!
with the very cheerful je! It was nice seeing her again:)
with jen, cathy and her daughter! I also had a very good time talking to them about clay!! :)

Ms. Bang that I only see every clay fest! It was nice exchanging mommy and claying stories with her! I was so surprised when she gave me a bouquet of roses!! I will always cherish the friendship that we have! :) Thanks so much Bang!

I can't wait for next year's Clay Fest. I'm sure CF 2012 will be bigger! Congrats again to all the event organizers, exhibitors and participants!! Job well Done!:)

A big thank you to my hubby for taking care of Liam while I joined the Clay Fest! They surely had a good time too...eating ice cream and going to the toy store. Here's a pic of Liam while enjoying his time with Daddy. Thank God for supportive husbands!! hehe

Next post..shadow box!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clay Fest 2011

Clay Fest 2011 was a success! Two thumbs up to the Beadlady for organizing such a wonderful event! I had a really good time catching up with my "claying" friends! It was also fun meeting new clayists (and the number just keeps on growing!) Lots of fun activities and demos during the 2 day event! I think compared to last year, the number of exhibitors doubled! Here are pics of some of the activities and booths...

The Beadlady doing a demo about photo transferring images to clay using Magic Transfer Paper.

Jen Cruz's Workshop, Chibi Sculpting Workshop
The Lovely exhibitors and their lovely clay accessories:)

Jen Cruz of purpleluggage! I'm a big fan! :) Her Circus themed jewelry boxes are really works of art!

I really have to take a pic of me with Christi Friesen's work!! It was gorgeous! Wished I just joined the contest instead of judging! haha:)

Here are the Contest Entries! All creative and unique! :)
The winner's Work!:) Congrats Donna!

More about the clayfest on my next post..time to fetch Liam now..:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Journal Project..DONE! :)

Oh blog..i missed you. After a very long break, here i am again. :)

I'm finally done with my journal project! yahoo! I really love the way it turned out! Referring to my post way way back..i was supposed to use a different journal ( the cover has butterflies on it) but changed my mind..because last month, i bought a Moleskin sketchbook! I bought one because i really have to have a book where i can put all the designs and projects that i have in mind. I was decided to look for one with very nice paper and will really last for a long, long time. So now I bid goodbye to tissue and scratch paper sketches. haha:) It was really expensive but worth it! The paper inside is so nice to use for drawing and coloring. In other words..SULIT!!

For this project, i used Beadlady Sparklers (mica pigment powders). They are indeed little stars in a jar! They really add shimmer and dimension to your work.

Without further's my journal/sketchbook..


Here's the first sketch that i made..

And here's my next project! A Shadow Box for my mom. Can't wait to start on it:) I hope that I will get it right! I need to finish it before her birthday.

More about shadow boxes in my next blog. See you again soon!:)