Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mini Screws..

Finally, I found mini screws at our local hobby shop. I was really so happy to see the sizes that I need.  I have so much filigree that I can mix and match and put together  with these screws instead of polymer clay. Here are some of the pieces I made using the filigrees and screws. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seahorse Pendant Tutorial...

 I've been designing lockets for years now. Sometimes I break a locket because of too much experimenting haha! But the broken ones are too precious for me to just throw in the bin. So I just kept them in my stash of recyclable materials. Now, I found a way to use them again. For this tutorial, I just used one half of the broken locket and I'm still thinking of another design for the other half. I treated it like a bezel and thought of pouring resin inside. So here's how I made the seahorse pendant..

You will be needing the following materials...

half of a broken locket (for this one I used a 2 inch oval locket)
Polymer clay (shades of blue, brown and green) 
push mold (for this project I used a Lisa Pavelka border mold) 
Lisa Pavelka Magic-Gloss
UV lamp (optional) 
Pearl-ex pigment powder Gold 
Seahorse Charm
Pasta machine

some of the broken lockets I kept in my stash of recyclable materials