Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Workshops, workshops, workshops :)

Workshops are really F-U-N!!!:)
-You talk and talk and talk while working!
I get to know my student more!
It's like i'm in a talk show...i'm the host and my student is the guest! (lol!) I really like asking personal questions! In other words.."Chismosa" ako! hahaha
It's a very nice feeling that at the end of a workshop.. i know that i gained a new friend!:)

I love it when my students..say "oh that's how you do it pala!!", "ooh can't wait to do it!" and most especially when they say at the end of our workshop..." thank you so much for sharing your techniques, i learned a lot!"

Seeing their work brings me so much joy because i can see that they understood what i taught!
Especially when i see how they apply the techniques in their own projects at home!

A locket made by ghie and the russian dolls made by je! So lovely right?:)
(to all my previous workshop students, pls email me your recent works using what you've learned in our workshop, and ill post them here in my blog!!:))

I always see to it that i have a "pictorial' with my student! I treasure every moment of the workshop that i had with them!:)

I was so surprised and touched when my students, Melody and Rachel brought me wonderful gifts (really really wonderful!!) I think it should be the other way around.. i should be the one giving them gifts because they enrolled in my workshop! (lol)

I was really speechless and overwhelmed by the generosity these two girls showed me!

Melody gave me this! All made by hand and with love!! Those are paper flowers that she patiently cut and rolled!! Amazing!! I can't wait to have it framed!:)

This one is from rachel!! love love love the scent!:) Liam loves it too! Thank you so much for the lovely gift!

Workshops are really something i look forward to during weekends because I also learn a lot from it! One thing i learned is that sharing your knowledge about your craft is really fulfilling! Getting that "Yes! NOW i know!" look from my students is the highlight of every workshop!

I was a pre-school teacher before i became a cashier in our family business and before i became a mom! Going back to my first love which is teaching is such a blessing!

Looking forward to more workshops!

I'll be posting free tutorials soon! any suggestions as to what project you want me to post?:) Don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tribute to Grandparents

Liam's activity in school last saturday was a tribute to their grandparents! It was such a fun activity because it was the first time i watched my son dance on stage (but it was more like playing with the lights on stage!! lol) He danced a bit but he was so amazed with the disco ball, the spotlight, the dancing lights and the smoke machine to pay attention to the dance!! hahaha:)
Here's what he wore..
He wore the vest that we designed together! I didn't know that the markers that we used were luminous!! hahaha
-cooooolllll! ;)

So thankful that his Lolo Mario and Lola Irene came to watch! Hopefully next time..Lola Ding and Lolo Penny could also come.

Found a very nice quote about grandparents:

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies. ~Rudolph Giuliani


*credits again to my hubby for the wonderful pics!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

And the winners are..

Thanks so much for taking the time to join my giveaway!
I loved all of your answers!!
Unfortunately, I can only choose two winners. Here they are..

Aiz Kim

What's your most treasured trinket/accessory and why?

The expected and most common choice for the married one like me would be her wedding ring but there's one special accessory i truly truly treasure. This one has a beautiful back story to it that's why. This gold-framed blue glass pendant was bought by my mother-in-law during her trip to Venice, Italy. She was on a European tour with my father in law and thought it nice to buy a couple of lovely jewelries for their future daughter in law. That was really sweet since at that time my husband was still in middle school (laughs...perhaps because he was the only son)! A few days before our wedding day (and many years after she bought the pendant), my mother in law handed it to me and told me that it has always meant to be mine. I was so flustered and touched by the gesture and felt so welcomed in the family. I wore it close to my heart ever since.

What's your most favorite RockyBeads creation?

When I first found your blog on the web, i fell in love with your creations immediately (really! not trying to be a suck up here). I use more fabric, beads and paints crafting my creations and it was my first time to see polymer creations created by a Filipina...and you know what, it was far more beautiful than those i see on the web. I was instantly smitten. And so I checked out your flickr and facebook and my eyes feasted on so much beauty and creativity. However i must say that it was this owlie locket that took my breath away. It was love at first sight! It is very uncomplicated yet very sophisticated. I love the vintage-y feel to it and am a big hoot lover too!

Aiz, you won this..

Edraine Bernardo

What's your most treasured trinket/accessory and why?

The treasured accessory that I hold close to me always is my classic gold circular locket. (with thick silver swirls/filigree and a pearl at the center) It was given to me by my beloved grandfather. He and my grandmother reside in the U.S.. They worked at the US Ambassador's house. They’ve been working there for a long long long time now, ever since my mom was still a teenager. But even if they're away, they still make us (me, my siblings and cousins) feel their love and care. I am very close to my grandpa. And so that locket that he told my grandma to give me during his last days, symbolizes his love for me. And now, I consider it as my lucky charm:)I bring it to every school activity I join and I wear it always to feel my grandpa's love for me.

What's your most favorite RockyBeads Creation?

I love Miss Rocky's Bib necklaces:)
They are so beautiful. It showed her passion for making unbelievable masterpieces. Reaally:P
By looking at the works of Miss Rocky, I am so inspired to create wonderful things too:)

Edraine you won this...

Thanks again for your heartwarming answers!
Aiz and Edraine, pls email me your address and contact no. I will ship your prizes next week!

Weekend already! yahoo!
So many things to look forward to..Liam's Grandparents' Day event in school, 2 workshops and a party! Can't wait! New post again after the weekend! see you then!

Happy, happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I feel satisfied and happy when i get to start/finish orders or projects during the middle of the week..that means i still have lots of time to finish more before the week ends:)

i finished the locket that i will give as a gift, started the orders of a client and finished one locket order! yahoo!:)
I got to finish Liam's vest also for his presentation this saturday! I showed it to him this morning and let him fit it. He liked the design that i made and named all the smileys, peace signs and spirals that he saw! hahaha! He saw the fabric pens that i used and wanted to design the vest some more....so i let him and this is the result!

I got my Steampunkery Book yesterday! Double yehey! Lots of tutorials inside! loved the way Christi Friesen presented each tutorial..very easy to follow and with lots of humor! If you are a clay enthusiast, i suggest you also get one! I got mine from the beadlady craft cafe :)

and one more thing to cheer about.....the book was autographed by the author!! woohoo!
one more book to add to my collection:)

I love collecting books especially ones about polymer clay and beading because you get so many tutorials and new ideas from them! But i'm the type of person who would buy books at a sale price! ;) Luckily, everytime i decide to visit Book Sale to search in their messy piles...i can find one or two polymer clay books or magazines hidden there!
So far these are the ones i found.. (my favorite is the mixed media mosaics!)

-----Two more days before the weekend! But before the week ends, I will be announcing the winners of the Giveaway! See you this friday!

How's your week so far? I hope all of you are having a productive one!:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I love Weekends!:)

Weekends are really something that I look forward to! Time well spent with my family, relatives and friends! Weekends are also the best because we eat out and i don't have to cook! (lol)
Here's how we spent our weekend..

Woke up to a beautiful saturday morning! Marlon sneaked out while liam and I were sleeping and took a picture of the magnificent sunrise!:)

Then off to my workshop at 9am! I had a super fun time again teaching! here are the projects we made! Stamping, antiquing, Pearlex application, photo transfer and the steampunk bug!

My student was Jackie. She really loves playing with clay. She ate a little of her snack because she just wants to keep on claying! (lol!)

While I was having my workshop, father and son went to the barber shop because Liam already needed a haircut!

His hair before the cut! "Bieber-ish" already! hahaha:)

Then off to a birthday party!! At the party, Liam fell in love with the celebrant, Agatha! He just wanted to stay by her side the whole time! I think he wants to be her Prince! (LOL!!) here's their pic...

Sunday was spent with Liam's grandparents and he played with his cousin, Sophie!

Now back to reality..hahaha!
Orders to be finished, lots of cooking to be done and DIY project to be finished.

Here's the DIY project...a hippie vest for Liam! He'll be using it this saturday for their Grandparents' day Program in school.
Here are the materials that I'm going to use..vest (got it at a sale price of Php 150) and Leeho Dimensional Fabric Paint pen (got 5 colors, Php35 each). I'm still thinking of a design and I'm planning of doing it tonight (24 hours for the paint to dry). Hopefully it will come out nice! hahaha:)

A few more days to go before I announce the winners of the RockyBeads Giveaway!! I will announce who won this Friday!! So send in your answers now!

So that was my weekend! I hope you had a nice one too!
Have a good week everyone!

*thanks to Marlon for the wonderful pics that i always use in my blog!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Going Back" and RockyBeads GIVEAWAY!!

now going back to "Going Back"....

I was so fortunate enough to be featured in the following!:)

Polymer Clay Craft Gossip

Tejae Floyde's book - Polymer Artists Showcase

And recently in the blog of Ms. Angeli Sobrepena - Confessions of A Chronic Crafter

Playing with clay for two years now, I had my own share of trials and errors...burnt clay every now and then, bubbles during phototransfer, unsuccessful experiments of mixing clay with other materials..
but I learned a lot from these mistakes and so I decided to share these learning through one on one workshops!:) I only started this year and all can say is it is super duper F-U-N! I love meeting new people and sharing with them my adventures with clay and i also love it when they say that they learned a lot! Seeing them apply the techniques they learned in their new projects give me so much joy!:) Here are some pics of my workshops..
RockyBeads brought me HAPPINESS and I want to share this by having a GIVEAWAY!! This is also my way of thanking all the people who supported me and my online shop! Thank you so much for appreciating my work for the past two years! Still looking forward to more years of designing and customizing unique pieces for you!:)

Now its time for the RockyBeads GIVEAWAY!!:)

2 years, 2 lockets, 2 questions, 2 winners!!:)

The 2 Lockets:

The Questions:

What's your most treasured trinket/accessory and why?
What's your most favorite RockyBeads Creation?

Pls. email me your answers to rockybats@yahoo.com. I will choose two best answers and will post them here in my blog next week!

Send in your answers now!:)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Going back...

It has been two wonderful years already since I opened my online shop. The exact date? I don't really remember (lol)! I just based it on the date when I first opened my shop in multiply and that is April, 2008. "RockyBeads" brought me so much happiness! I met lots of people, experienced a lot of new things, and most importantly..it gave me direction to the path that I really want to follow until my granny days! I can still imagine myself inside my work room, tinkering, molding, baking and making trinkets. :)

A trip down memory lane...

These are what i'm selling when i first opened my shop. I still haven't read about polymer clay and I was still in love with beads during that time haha:)

Then my love for beads was forgotten because polymer clay introduced itself to me via angeli's site, yummytrinkets.com and it was really love at first sight..."sight" because I still didn't know where to get it! (lol) After much googling..I found out that you can buy it at hobbes and landes!! yahooo! I bought my first bars there (i really bought lots! acutally the word that should be used is "hoarded" not bought haha!). From then on, I got hooked and never stopped..that is from playing with clay and buying materials (tsk..tsk..tsk!) :)

fter a few months of selling online, i started joining bazaars. My first ever bazaar is at the A. Venue hall in Makati. The experience was not that good but at least i learned a lot from it and met new faces that i eventually teamed up with in joining other bazaars. My second one is at the WTC in Pasay, this the most memorable one because my lockets were a hit and were sold out! then came the Us Girls bazaar, Mag:net bazaar and etc etc. I really have a good time when I join bazaars because i get to meet my clients online and meet other sellers too! It's really tiring but fun!

At the A. venue hall....look at my booth it was really poor looking! hahaha:) Still didn't know how to style my booth and still didn't have a proper table :)

At the WTC, Christmas Bazaar. For this bazaar, i already had an idea on how to fix my stuff and what props to bring! haha:)

Here are more pics of the other bazaars i joined.
The hardest things that you will do for a bazaar are making what you're going to sell, the packing/unpacking of your stuff and of course the selling! :)

Then came the media exposure (yahoo!)....i feel so blessed to have been able to share my craft through shows like....Sweet Life with Lucy, Kabuhayang swak na swak and at N.U. 107!

This is really getting long. It's so hard to put 2 years in just one post! (lol)
..so to be continued! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

attempting to be a "blogger"!

Thinking of what to write on your first post is a very hard job. It has been days already since i put up this blog and until now i still don't know what to write!!

So finally i decided..what the heck..i'll just write whatever i feel today! :)

THANKFUL!! yes, that's what im feeling today. Im very thankful for all the blessings that have come my way.

And these are what i'm thankful for..

A loving husband who always supports me in whatever i do, who always takes care of liam whenever i have a bazaar/workshop etc, and who always says "ganda" (beautiful) whenever i show my new designs to him.:) Lucky me because he loves photography...he helps me in taking pictures of my work and i get to use his lens all the time! :)

my son who never fails to put a smile on my face! I'm very thankful that i spend my 24/7 with him. Being a hands-on mom is very tiring but a very rewarding job! :)

RockyBeads, my online shop. This is where I use all of my creativity! It cannot always be all household work and no play right?:) So for a stay at home mom like me, having this outlet really helps me in keeping my mind active. Thinking of new designs makes me happy and thinking of what i can do with polymer clay makes me happier (lol)! It has been 2 wonderful years already since i opened it..so i guess its time for me to give back already to the people who supported RockyBeads...its now time for a GIVEAWAY!!:) I'll be talking about this further in another post! So do watch out for it.

So there!! I just wrote my
first post! woohoo!! (I'm not really a writer, so pardon all the grammatical errors..haha!)

It feels so good that i can share all the wonderful things happening in my life through this blog! I plan to use this in sharing my adventures with beads and clay (so expect updates about RockyBeads and tutorials soon!) and of course my mommy/wifey adventures too!:)

See you again soon!