Wednesday, September 8, 2010

attempting to be a "blogger"!

Thinking of what to write on your first post is a very hard job. It has been days already since i put up this blog and until now i still don't know what to write!!

So finally i decided..what the heck..i'll just write whatever i feel today! :)

THANKFUL!! yes, that's what im feeling today. Im very thankful for all the blessings that have come my way.

And these are what i'm thankful for..

A loving husband who always supports me in whatever i do, who always takes care of liam whenever i have a bazaar/workshop etc, and who always says "ganda" (beautiful) whenever i show my new designs to him.:) Lucky me because he loves photography...he helps me in taking pictures of my work and i get to use his lens all the time! :)

my son who never fails to put a smile on my face! I'm very thankful that i spend my 24/7 with him. Being a hands-on mom is very tiring but a very rewarding job! :)

RockyBeads, my online shop. This is where I use all of my creativity! It cannot always be all household work and no play right?:) So for a stay at home mom like me, having this outlet really helps me in keeping my mind active. Thinking of new designs makes me happy and thinking of what i can do with polymer clay makes me happier (lol)! It has been 2 wonderful years already since i opened i guess its time for me to give back already to the people who supported RockyBeads...its now time for a GIVEAWAY!!:) I'll be talking about this further in another post! So do watch out for it.

So there!! I just wrote my
first post! woohoo!! (I'm not really a writer, so pardon all the grammatical errors..haha!)

It feels so good that i can share all the wonderful things happening in my life through this blog! I plan to use this in sharing my adventures with beads and clay (so expect updates about RockyBeads and tutorials soon!) and of course my mommy/wifey adventures too!:)

See you again soon!


  1. Yipeeee! Nice insan you have a blog na. Good for you.:)
    I just started mine this year but I'm so way behind with my posts.:( Been busy preparing for Lily's birthday and my craft show in November. Got to get back to blogging soon!;)
    Goodluck with this new venture!:))

  2. I am so glad you decided to create this blog. Otherwise i wouldn't have found such a creative artist as you are. I am so in love with your work...your creations are just spectacular. Can i be in your one on one workshop too?

  3. insan, thanks so much for the goodluck!! blogging is really fun right?:) Happy happy birthday to lily girl!! time flies so fast! she's 2 already! Hope you could get back to blogging na! Good luck with your upcoming craft show, im sure you'll get lots of sales!:)

  4. hi aileen!:) thank you so much for appreciating my work. Sure you can join my workshop! I'm sure we'll have lots of fun! love your blog too..especially the dreamy pictures!:)

  5. Your clay work is so detailed and beautiful! I wish you all the best with blogging:-)

  6. Oh i love that crescent moon pendant is that on sale?

  7. hi lynx!:) im sorry but the one in the pic is sold already.