Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faux Cloisonné..

This is how my table looks like today....chaos! But it's a "happy" chaos! :P

I've been wanting to try the Faux Cloisonné technique for the longest time.
I was so tempted to buy the tutorial of Eugena Topina but the "thrifty me" decided not to.:)
So I just experimented! This was my first try..

I'm really so happy with the Lisa Pavelka Gloss that I bought! I used it here to cover the wires embedded on the clay. The gloss will really go well with these Faux cloisonne projects I'm making. I'm happy also that I'll be able to use these wires already..

Remember the seahorse pendant i made weeks ago..I covered it with LP gloss and left the air bubbles. Here's how it looks like now...

These are what I made today..my second and third try using the faux cloissone technique. Ready to go to the oven. Unfortunately, I can't put the LP gloss today..dreary day here in Sydney. Hopefully tomorrow will be sun shiny!! I will post pics again when I covered them with gloss already.

Hope everyone in the Philippines is ok after the storm! Have a good Wednesday everyone!:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Zoltan..

Liam's asking me over and over to make him another monster! Luckily, we found the "make a monster by fiona goble" book again in the library. I really love this book because the patterns are so easy to follow and the monster designs are really cute! I also love that you can tweak the designs and make it your own. You can add a spot there, add another eye here or change the colors! :)

Liam's asking me to make zoltan. Here's how he looks..Cute right?! :P

The pattern..

I just use felt because I can't find any fleece in the craft stores here.

Now..i'm ready to sew them together! I'm sure Liam will be one very happy boy when he sees his new stuffie!:)

Have a crafty day everyone!:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to..

As promised, I'll show you how I cover the front of a locket with polymer clay.

Some tips:

I flatten the clay already using the pasta machine so that I'll get a smooth and flat base that I can easily work on. It's hard if you make a ball and then flatten it on top of the locket. It usually gives you a bumpy surface not as smooth.

As for the thickness of your clay..it depends on the design that you're going to make. If you are going to do some stamping, I suggest that you use a thicker sheet but if you're just going to use it as a base, you can just use a thin one.

Always make sure there are no air bubbles trapped between the clay and the locket. You can remove it by lifting the clay sheet a bit (the part where the bubble is present) and then flatten it again pushing the air bubble out. :)

Here are the videos!:)

When I don't have a specific cutter that I can use for other locket shapes...I do this technique:

Hope these videos will help you in some way! Have a good week!:)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seahorsie Cuff

I used the sinamay again for this cuff. My favorite part of the cuff is the lock!! I've been wanting to use these toggles for the longest time! :)

(more pics in my Facebook Page)

It will be listed soon in Etsy!:)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seahorses, Flowers...

I'm in the process of making new designs for my etsy shop:) These are what I made so far...

I made a mold for this sea horse. I used sculpey mold maker and a seahorse charm! I will still pour resin or LP Gloss over it so that it will look like the seahorse is floating in water! So excited to get the gloss tom:) I will post pics once the pendant is cured!

For this one, I used assorted filigrees and polymer clay:)

The designs that I will be making will have a Spring/Summer theme. So expect more flowers, seahorses and starfishes soon! I hope everyone's having a good and productive week so far!:)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Past Week...

The past week was a very busy one! I had to finish a tutorial due for deadline and we celebrated Father's day! They have it in September here. We had a great time celebrating it with family! Lots of food! Liam and his cousin had a great time playing the whole day! :)

Liam and I made this card for Daddy. :)

I listed some items in Etsy and luckily, I already sold one! It was a wonderful feeling..it makes me want to create more unique pieces! I'm so excited to ship it..keeping my fingers crossed that Aus Post is very reliable..so far i shipped an item last week and it arrived safely! :) I found a cute box that can hold the cuffs i made..so when you buy a cuff from me, it will arrive in this!

Pls. don't forget to visit my Etsy shop from time to time! I will be posting more items soon! Here's the Link..RockyBeads in Etsy

I still owe you a tutorial...hopefully I can post it next week:) Hope everyone will have a good week!

Happy Birthday MAMA MARY!