Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faux Cloisonné..

This is how my table looks like today....chaos! But it's a "happy" chaos! :P

I've been wanting to try the Faux Cloisonné technique for the longest time.
I was so tempted to buy the tutorial of Eugena Topina but the "thrifty me" decided not to.:)
So I just experimented! This was my first try..

I'm really so happy with the Lisa Pavelka Gloss that I bought! I used it here to cover the wires embedded on the clay. The gloss will really go well with these Faux cloisonne projects I'm making. I'm happy also that I'll be able to use these wires already..

Remember the seahorse pendant i made weeks ago..I covered it with LP gloss and left the air bubbles. Here's how it looks like now...

These are what I made today..my second and third try using the faux cloissone technique. Ready to go to the oven. Unfortunately, I can't put the LP gloss today..dreary day here in Sydney. Hopefully tomorrow will be sun shiny!! I will post pics again when I covered them with gloss already.

Hope everyone in the Philippines is ok after the storm! Have a good Wednesday everyone!:)


  1. Wow rocky! I love it! The lockets are sooo gorgeous!

  2. Always and forever... the great Rockybeads. Nothing but the best projects talaga from you. I miss you mentor! ♥

  3. thank you penny and peachy! Miss you too peach!:)