Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Something Ta-dah...

Swellegant keeps me up late at night...tsk tsk :P 
I finished two new pieces and i really loooovvveee how they turned out! Swellegant made my dream come true because I've always wanted to make accessories that are elegant looking. As you can see in the designs that I made before..I like chunky, floral, sparkly and FABULOUS! haha Costume jewellery is the kind that I really like and love to make:) These newfound patinas, coatings and dyes help me achieve that look! Yehey!!

So enough with the are my new finished pieces..

I think my swellegant bottles will be all used up soon! haha 
I will be listing these necklaces soon in my Etsy shop. Now off to work on custom orders. :)

Have a good week everyone! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

From blah to tada...

Here are the step by step pictures of the Swellegant project I did yesterday. 

I baked it first before I applied the metal coating

I decided to use the brass metal coating.  The coating alone can already give you the faux metal effect that you like. 

I aged it a bit by adding the patinas and dye oxides.

I finsihed it off by highlighting some parts with the brass metal coating again!  I left it to dry and will start buffing it maybe tomorrow.

You can find all the steps in Ms. Christi Friesen's website.

When you photograph your piece you must really use the right light to capture its metal effect. My final pic is a bit different from the actual. It's really prettier in person!  I'm still going to ask my husband to take better pictures of the next project that I am going to make. 

Have a good day everyone!! :) 

Off to the doctor later for Liam's check up. Hopefully, he's lungs are already clear of all the wheezing! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012


My SWELLEGANT bottles arrived last week! Yey!:)
 (if you want to know more about the magic of these metal coatings and patinas, just click on the word swellegant) 

But before they arrived, I tried experimenting with my acrylic paints and came up with this locket..

I really like how it turned out, so I tried making a necklace using the same technique. But I am not happy with the outcome:( 

I think what I did wrong is not putting more dimension to the flowers and wrong mixing of paints. So they looked flat and blahhh..hehe 

But now that my bottles are already here, I can already achieve the metal  look that I like. Keeping my fingers crossed!! 

Just baked this and ready to turn it into something SWELLegant!!:) 
I am so excited! 
I will share with you how it will look like after I apply all the coatings, dyes and patinas.

Here's to a week of experimenting!!:) 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Purple and Gold..

Whenever you mix these two colors, nothing can go wrong :p 

I made this cuff using purple, violet and gold color combination. I'm happy with how it turned out. I also made the lock a bit different instead of the usual toggle and clasp..I used a satin ribbon! It added more elegance to the cuff..don't you think? I will be making a tutorial on how I made this cuff. Pls. watch out for it! 

Here it is..

I think it will also be a great accessory that will go well with your gowns and wedding dresses. Also if you're going to get married anytime would be a great gift for your entourage, don't you think?:) 

Have a good work week everyone!:)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We are Family! :D

I made these for a client. I'm happy with how they turned out. I was clueless as to how I will come up with the Daddy Doll and then I thought of The Higglies!!! I know lots of moms can relate with me. Liam watches that cartoon before in the Philippines. All of the characters there are matryoshka dolls..lots of different types! Police, dog, fireman..etc etc! 

Meet Mommy, Daddy, and Babies!

My Client wants them to be personalized so she asked me if I can put names at the back. So here's what I did..

If you want one of your own, just send me a message in facebook or in Etsy. Now, I think I can already make different characters! :D

Have a good night everyone! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Melody Felipe of Purple Nook Clay Shop...

Another good friend of mine tried out the Carved cuff tutorial. Here's what she made: 

So nice right?! It looks like wood!

The Clayist who made this is Melody Felipe of Purple Nook Clay Shop.
Here are her other works:

You can also buy lots of materials (stamps, polymer clay, molds etc. etc..)  for your claying from her shop! When I was still in the Philippines, I always buy hard to find claying materials/tools from her. She knows where to find the best tools!! :)

What are you waiting for? Click on the link above and visit her page! I'm sure before you finished browsing her already made a list of the tools and materials you  want to order!

If you want to see everything up close, just contact her and set an appointment. Her Shop is located in Katipunan near Ateneo.

Just want to share this good news!:) Soon my accessories will be available in Purple Nook Clay Shop! Yahoo!

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

2 in 1..

I'm into Russian doll frenzy right now! I thought of making doll brooches..but these ones can also be worn as a necklace!! 2 in 1! :) Another adorable thing about these brooches are the lockets you can find in their tummies! 

Say hello to Ms. Vintage and Ms. Azul...

More pictures in my Facebook page. I will be listing them soon! When you purchase these lovelies, the chains will be included! 

Have a good week everyone!:)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mother and Child Doll Locket...

A client asked me to make a Mommy with baby Doll locket. I was so thrilled to make her request!! So far this is my favorite! Here they are..

I think I'll make -a mommy with baby boy- for me!:) 
I made a new necklace last night! My "photographer" took these lovely pictures..

I will list them soon in my shop!!

yahoo! Friday already! Happy weekend everyone! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apatchies, Owl Lockets, Itsy-bitsy Matryoshka..

I thought of another design for lockets. Aside from Russian dolls..I love owls! So I made 2 3-dimensional owls using a bigger locket. The locket measures 1 it means you can put bigger pictures inside! :)

I have two plastic boxes full of lockets in various shapes and sizes. Looking inside, I saw my itsy-bitsy lockets then I thought of making matryoshka locket charms. I'm thinking of making several and putting them altogether in one bracelet! Here she is..

Today, the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild concluded our first challenge for this year. It is called the Express yourself in APATCHIES challenge! Our task is to make 4 1 inch square tiles that represent us an artist. This is what I made..

I am an artist who loves what she does.
With this LOVE for my work, I GROW.
I grow like a flower that needs to be nurtured.
I nurture myself by learning and experimenting new techniques.
As I GROW, I SHARE with others what I learn and what I discover...
With the hope that my love for my art and growth as an artist will INSPIRE others. 

I can't wait to share with you all the inchies made by other members! They are all awesome!!:) I will post some of my favorites soon!:)

The owl lockets will be listed soon in my Etsy shop! 

Have  a good night everyone!:)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crafting Time, Klay Girl and Peachy's Surprise!

Just a quick post before I cook and prepare Liam's things for school. :) 

I will feature two lovely ladies today in my blog!!:) First is Melody Manalaysay of Crafting Time! I've seen Lody's work evolve through the months that I've known her. From simple designs to very stunning ones! My favorite are her wire cuffs and steampunk hearts (which I think are just freshly baked!). 

And I'm really so happy that she got to try the tutorial I posted last week. Here's her carved cuff..

So  pretty right? So head on now to her facebook page  
to see more of her lovely, lovely work!! Thanks so much Lody for trying out the tutorial!!:)

I also love the work of Pamela Merza, of KLAY GIRL. She makes lots of cute stuff! Just like these: 

She is going to celebrate her shop's Anniversary soon! So why not head on now to her facebook page and  join her free workshop promo!!!:)

Yesterday, an angel (named michelle) brought these to me...

Thank you so much Peachy and Paul for this wonderful, wonderful surprise! I can't thank you enough!! I can't wait to design those lockets!:) Love you and miss you more!!

I'm hoping that I can finish orders and another tutorial this week. Have a good monday everyone!:)