Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apatchies, Owl Lockets, Itsy-bitsy Matryoshka..

I thought of another design for lockets. Aside from Russian dolls..I love owls! So I made 2 3-dimensional owls using a bigger locket. The locket measures 1 it means you can put bigger pictures inside! :)

I have two plastic boxes full of lockets in various shapes and sizes. Looking inside, I saw my itsy-bitsy lockets then I thought of making matryoshka locket charms. I'm thinking of making several and putting them altogether in one bracelet! Here she is..

Today, the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild concluded our first challenge for this year. It is called the Express yourself in APATCHIES challenge! Our task is to make 4 1 inch square tiles that represent us an artist. This is what I made..

I am an artist who loves what she does.
With this LOVE for my work, I GROW.
I grow like a flower that needs to be nurtured.
I nurture myself by learning and experimenting new techniques.
As I GROW, I SHARE with others what I learn and what I discover...
With the hope that my love for my art and growth as an artist will INSPIRE others. 

I can't wait to share with you all the inchies made by other members! They are all awesome!!:) I will post some of my favorites soon!:)

The owl lockets will be listed soon in my Etsy shop! 

Have  a good night everyone!:)


  1. grabeh, lahat ang gagandah ms.Rocky!

  2. Ha! I was just about to ask your permission cos I am making Nendo lockets -- inspired by your doll lockets... then I saw this very lovely owl. I love your P3 challenge entry too -- so inspiring, so kind, so you. Really a teacher at heart. :) Muah!

  3. Thank you Icecreations:!)

    Peachy! go!:) is that a penguin locket?

  4. Yes. Nendo (Penguin) lockets... hahahah. Ill show them to you once they're done. :)