Sunday, February 26, 2012


My SWELLEGANT bottles arrived last week! Yey!:)
 (if you want to know more about the magic of these metal coatings and patinas, just click on the word swellegant) 

But before they arrived, I tried experimenting with my acrylic paints and came up with this locket..

I really like how it turned out, so I tried making a necklace using the same technique. But I am not happy with the outcome:( 

I think what I did wrong is not putting more dimension to the flowers and wrong mixing of paints. So they looked flat and blahhh..hehe 

But now that my bottles are already here, I can already achieve the metal  look that I like. Keeping my fingers crossed!! 

Just baked this and ready to turn it into something SWELLegant!!:) 
I am so excited! 
I will share with you how it will look like after I apply all the coatings, dyes and patinas.

Here's to a week of experimenting!!:) 

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