Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stained Glass..

I chanced upon the tutorial video of Charlene Thieren on how to make a Faux Stained Glass Egg . It was very well done and easy to understand:) 

I thought of making a focal for a bracelet using this technique. I'm so happy to try it because I have another use for my fimo deco gel and alcohol inks. 

Here's what I made: 

The hard part was making the borders because I don't have a reliable clay extruder so I have to do it manually. So not all of the strips are equal in thickness.

Still some overflowing here and there but I really like the technique! I think I'm going to make an elaborate piece using this technique....and maybe mix it with my swellegant experiments! haha

I will be announcing the winner of my little game later. Pls. watch out for it!! 

TGIF again!! Happy weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A brooch and Turquoise Heart..

I'm in the process of completing an order for a client. I'm making 13 bag tags that look like this...

Wish me luck! haha:) I get bored easily when I make the same design over and over again. So to cut the monotony, I make other projects in between. I made a brooch and played with my patinas again while making the tags.

I don't know how to string this pendant. I really love the swellegant combination that I used with this! I love the rust!!

here's the brooch!

 I'm happy that I made a clean backing for it. 

when worn,  I think it will also look really nice pinned on a scarf!

So now..I have to go back to regular programming! haha:) 

One more day to go and I will be announcing the winner of my little game in my Facebook Page. You still have until tom to join. I will be giving away something like this..

Have a fun thursday everyone! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wires and clay..

I made two new statement necklaces. Balancing the elements took so much time. But I hope I balanced them out! I experimented with wires and added them to the sides of the flowers. I like how they turned out. Here they are..

Played with swellegant again in making this piece. I'm going to use this for a wedding. :)

Something dainty. I really like the effect of Inka gold on  the petals of the flowers. Planning on making enamel flowers! I hope I will get it right. 

hope you like what I made! TGIF!!! Have a happy weekend! :D

Monday, March 19, 2012

CF, Working area and WIP..

I really had a wonderful time last Saturday during my workshop with Ms. Christi Friesen! She is really one good teacher! I love how she makes everything fun! She shares everything even her goodies!! haha I'm really one lucky clay-er for having had the chance to meet her!

here she is with me and my son!:) 

here she is busy showing us what to do:)

here are my projects..leaves, stained glass effect, heart and vessel!:)

Before my workshop with her, my claying mojo took a leave haha! So in order for it to come back, I again rearranged my workspace! I already used the table that we bought before in Ikea!! I love how I fixed my new working nook! Here are some pics: 

all the things i need are within reach! yey!

plastic containers for beads and clays:)

my powders, swellegant, acrylic paints, tools etc!

my messy table!! 
Now I'm in the mood to create again! haha!

Here's a peek of what I'm working on right now. Expect lots of Floral adornments this week!
I will be making my own necklace again for a wedding!

Have a crafty and very enjoyable day everyone! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Listings..

I just made these animal lockets!:) I listed the pig in my etsy shop already. The cow is already reserved:)  Sadly, the bear and the pink pig..i just decided not to sell. Not so happy with them haha:) I will try to make more. 

I also made this new design! Princess Russian Dolls. I can customize one for you!:) 

The ones below are all listed in my ETSY shop 
 So pls. visit my shop to check them out! (just click on the link)

just thought of making a heart locket!:) 

I just made this one yesterday!:) something elegant!

See you in ETSY!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Faith and April...

Thank you Faith and April for trying out my Carved Cuff tutorial!:) 

Faith is the lovely clay artist behind Just Claying Around. Just click on the link to go to her Facebook page and you can see all her lovely work there. Here's the pendant she made:


Here are some more samples of her work: 

this is one hungry bear! haha:) so cute! 

lovely pendant!:)

April Grace is also one creative clay artist!:) Her online shop is Shape and Bake . Pls. check out her Facebook page also to see all her lovely work! Here's what she made following the Carved Cuff tutorial..

Here's another pic of her work:

another lovely cuff I found on her page!:)

Thank you again ladies for trying out my tutorial and for sharing your works with me!:)

Pls. don't forget to visit their pages and click LIKE!!:)

Good day everyone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I played with my swellegant bottles again. This design has been bugging me for a week now! Finally, I had the time to make it. This is my first time to make a peacock! I added rhinestones to its tail to make it glamorous! haha So here she is..