Monday, March 19, 2012

CF, Working area and WIP..

I really had a wonderful time last Saturday during my workshop with Ms. Christi Friesen! She is really one good teacher! I love how she makes everything fun! She shares everything even her goodies!! haha I'm really one lucky clay-er for having had the chance to meet her!

here she is with me and my son!:) 

here she is busy showing us what to do:)

here are my projects..leaves, stained glass effect, heart and vessel!:)

Before my workshop with her, my claying mojo took a leave haha! So in order for it to come back, I again rearranged my workspace! I already used the table that we bought before in Ikea!! I love how I fixed my new working nook! Here are some pics: 

all the things i need are within reach! yey!

plastic containers for beads and clays:)

my powders, swellegant, acrylic paints, tools etc!

my messy table!! 
Now I'm in the mood to create again! haha!

Here's a peek of what I'm working on right now. Expect lots of Floral adornments this week!
I will be making my own necklace again for a wedding!

Have a crafty and very enjoyable day everyone! :)


  1. I love your workplace. Dream ko rin na magkaroon ng ganyan..

  2. go yannie!:) fix up your workspace na rin! I'm sure mag-enjoy ka!:)