Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A brooch and Turquoise Heart..

I'm in the process of completing an order for a client. I'm making 13 bag tags that look like this...

Wish me luck! haha:) I get bored easily when I make the same design over and over again. So to cut the monotony, I make other projects in between. I made a brooch and played with my patinas again while making the tags.

I don't know how to string this pendant. I really love the swellegant combination that I used with this! I love the rust!!

here's the brooch!

 I'm happy that I made a clean backing for it. 

when worn,  I think it will also look really nice pinned on a scarf!

So now..I have to go back to regular programming! haha:) 

One more day to go and I will be announcing the winner of my little game in my Facebook Page. You still have until tom to join. I will be giving away something like this..

Have a fun thursday everyone! 

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