Sunday, March 29, 2015

Preggy, Baby and Claying....

Oh wow! I didn't realize that my last post was a year ago! How time flies! So many things happened in the past year but the best one was having Austin. Our new baby boy! He brings sunshine into our lives.

In my last post, I told you about my new work at a preschool. I had to stop because I got pregnant. So I'm now back being a stay at home mum. I'm slowly trying to get back to claying. When the bub's asleep, I try to push myself to make something but house work plus surfing the net and sleeping get in the way! tsk tsk! So as of today, my goal is to be able to finish 2 pieces of jewelry each week and eventually I hope to be able to finish something each day. I will share with you the finished pieces each week.

So to start it's a bag tag that I made for a little boy. I'm glad that he liked it..and his mum too!

I also tried mixing clay and felt together in one piece of jewelry and this is what I made..

Bub's awake!! I'll be back soon...