Monday, February 27, 2012

From blah to tada...

Here are the step by step pictures of the Swellegant project I did yesterday. 

I baked it first before I applied the metal coating

I decided to use the brass metal coating.  The coating alone can already give you the faux metal effect that you like. 

I aged it a bit by adding the patinas and dye oxides.

I finsihed it off by highlighting some parts with the brass metal coating again!  I left it to dry and will start buffing it maybe tomorrow.

You can find all the steps in Ms. Christi Friesen's website.

When you photograph your piece you must really use the right light to capture its metal effect. My final pic is a bit different from the actual. It's really prettier in person!  I'm still going to ask my husband to take better pictures of the next project that I am going to make. 

Have a good day everyone!! :) 

Off to the doctor later for Liam's check up. Hopefully, he's lungs are already clear of all the wheezing! 

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  1. it turns out really pretty, i love the way you layer the colors, hope that Ms. Mel of Purplenook will have swellegant narin..thanks for sharing=)