Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Zoltan..

Liam's asking me over and over to make him another monster! Luckily, we found the "make a monster by fiona goble" book again in the library. I really love this book because the patterns are so easy to follow and the monster designs are really cute! I also love that you can tweak the designs and make it your own. You can add a spot there, add another eye here or change the colors! :)

Liam's asking me to make zoltan. Here's how he looks..Cute right?! :P

The pattern..

I just use felt because I can't find any fleece in the craft stores here.

Now..i'm ready to sew them together! I'm sure Liam will be one very happy boy when he sees his new stuffie!:)

Have a crafty day everyone!:)

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