Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Russian Doll Brooch project..FAIL!

I saw a very nice russian doll brooch in Etsy. The face of the doll was made of wood. The artist painted the features and then she hand sewn everything! It was so pretty!

I have lots of felt that i can use for the body and polymer clay that I can use for the I thought why not try to make one! :)

I'm not really good with measurements and I have a habit of always "estimating"! I think I really have to change that attitude! LOL!

The project was a failure! I think I did not get the right size for the pattern of the body! I also had a hard time closing the sides. Instead of having a plump doll, I made a thin one!:(
So here she is....

Now instead of making her into a brooch, she's just going to be a pin cushion! :P

Thursday already and still have lots of things to finish! Hope you're also having a very productive week!:)

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