Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Challenge..

I started with the challenge!:)

What a coincidence!! Barb Fajardo's work was the topic in Polymer Clay Daily two days ago. The exact earrings that I used for inspiration to kick off my 1Amonth challenge. Cynthia Tinapple said that maybe Barb used the Sutton Slice Technique or Sprigging to create the delicate pattern. I think so too! :) I know you're wondering..WTH(?!) is Sutton slice? Here's a video showing it. (thanks to Net for sharing the link to the Guild!:))

I really want to make those flowers and that pattern. In order for me to recreate that design using the Sutton technique, I need to have a similar stamp or texture plate that I can use. But sadly after looking at what I have..nothing comes close to the design. So instead of using that technique, I just molded each petal, leaf and stem one by one. I like how it turned out!:) I know it's not exact but I'm really happy with what I made. I discovered another fun design to make!

Here's what I made..

This is really getting to be a very exciting challenge for me! I'll be making one more design based on Barb Fajardo's earrings for the last week of October.

Hmmm...I wonder what design or technique I can focus on next month...any suggestions?:)

Hope you all had a good week! Happy weekend everyone!