Thursday, October 13, 2011

I dreamt of Kumihimo..

Funny but I really dreamt of trying out this braiding technique! It was after I read about it in Australian Beading Magazine. I wanted to try it badly. It was literally a dream come true as soon as I got hold of the materials that I needed! haha:) It was very easy to do! I really love making the braids that I can use for bracelets and necklaces! These are what I made..

In case you're interested to also try it's how the disk looks like...

I will posting new designs in my FB Page! Pls. check it out! Have a good night everyone!


  1. Very lovely! Oh I love kumihimo - nakaka addict! Try them with hemp or cotton too. I have been making lanyards and bracelets and will add polymer clay charms. I still have to make a post about it... hehe

  2. thanks michelle!:) yes will definitely try it with hemp and leather too!:) I just need to buy more end caps:) it's addicting nga and so many possibilities!!