Monday, September 13, 2010

Going back...

It has been two wonderful years already since I opened my online shop. The exact date? I don't really remember (lol)! I just based it on the date when I first opened my shop in multiply and that is April, 2008. "RockyBeads" brought me so much happiness! I met lots of people, experienced a lot of new things, and most gave me direction to the path that I really want to follow until my granny days! I can still imagine myself inside my work room, tinkering, molding, baking and making trinkets. :)

A trip down memory lane...

These are what i'm selling when i first opened my shop. I still haven't read about polymer clay and I was still in love with beads during that time haha:)

Then my love for beads was forgotten because polymer clay introduced itself to me via angeli's site, and it was really love at first sight..."sight" because I still didn't know where to get it! (lol) After much googling..I found out that you can buy it at hobbes and landes!! yahooo! I bought my first bars there (i really bought lots! acutally the word that should be used is "hoarded" not bought haha!). From then on, I got hooked and never stopped..that is from playing with clay and buying materials (tsk..tsk..tsk!) :)

fter a few months of selling online, i started joining bazaars. My first ever bazaar is at the A. Venue hall in Makati. The experience was not that good but at least i learned a lot from it and met new faces that i eventually teamed up with in joining other bazaars. My second one is at the WTC in Pasay, this the most memorable one because my lockets were a hit and were sold out! then came the Us Girls bazaar, Mag:net bazaar and etc etc. I really have a good time when I join bazaars because i get to meet my clients online and meet other sellers too! It's really tiring but fun!

At the A. venue hall....look at my booth it was really poor looking! hahaha:) Still didn't know how to style my booth and still didn't have a proper table :)

At the WTC, Christmas Bazaar. For this bazaar, i already had an idea on how to fix my stuff and what props to bring! haha:)

Here are more pics of the other bazaars i joined.
The hardest things that you will do for a bazaar are making what you're going to sell, the packing/unpacking of your stuff and of course the selling! :)

Then came the media exposure (yahoo!)....i feel so blessed to have been able to share my craft through shows like....Sweet Life with Lucy, Kabuhayang swak na swak and at N.U. 107!

This is really getting long. It's so hard to put 2 years in just one post! (lol) to be continued! :)


  1. Hi Rocky, congratulations! You've gone a very long way in 2 years time. May you continue to put a smile in people's heart with your amazing talent. You're what we call a "super-mom" =) Take care always. God bless!



  2. That was one amazing journey. You're an inspiration especially for us moms who want to make a niche in the craft world.

  3. right, don't stop 'til your granny days rocky. you're kind of artistry will definitely remain appreciated and sought after 'til then - am sure of that. :-)

  4. You're an inspiration and an icon!
    A very talented mom... Can't wait to meet you in person! :)

  5. your work is really gorgeous! i'm also trying my hand at designing accessories (though mine is a tad bit more edgy and industrial) and this is so inspiring. nice how you can balance it all out being a mom and an entrepreneur!

    hope you can check out my blog/follow if you'd like, i love to network with other inspiring bloggers like you!



  6. hi everyone! thanks so much for the lovely comments and thank you also taking the time to read my blog!:) God bless everyone and hope you'll have a wonderful week ahead:)