Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Going Back" and RockyBeads GIVEAWAY!!

now going back to "Going Back"....

I was so fortunate enough to be featured in the following!:)

Polymer Clay Craft Gossip

Tejae Floyde's book - Polymer Artists Showcase

And recently in the blog of Ms. Angeli Sobrepena - Confessions of A Chronic Crafter

Playing with clay for two years now, I had my own share of trials and errors...burnt clay every now and then, bubbles during phototransfer, unsuccessful experiments of mixing clay with other materials..
but I learned a lot from these mistakes and so I decided to share these learning through one on one workshops!:) I only started this year and all can say is it is super duper F-U-N! I love meeting new people and sharing with them my adventures with clay and i also love it when they say that they learned a lot! Seeing them apply the techniques they learned in their new projects give me so much joy!:) Here are some pics of my workshops..
RockyBeads brought me HAPPINESS and I want to share this by having a GIVEAWAY!! This is also my way of thanking all the people who supported me and my online shop! Thank you so much for appreciating my work for the past two years! Still looking forward to more years of designing and customizing unique pieces for you!:)

Now its time for the RockyBeads GIVEAWAY!!:)

2 years, 2 lockets, 2 questions, 2 winners!!:)

The 2 Lockets:

The Questions:

What's your most treasured trinket/accessory and why?
What's your most favorite RockyBeads Creation?

Pls. email me your answers to I will choose two best answers and will post them here in my blog next week!

Send in your answers now!:)

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Hi Rocky! Congratulations! :)

    Please invite me naman to your workshops, Cat and I are interested :) Will definitely join your contest. Miss you :)

    Elegantly Wasted

  2. @jaye - go! go! go!:) thanks so much for reading my blog!:)

  3. hi aileen! sure! will wait for your email dear!:)

  4. hi kira! thanks so much for visiting my blog! i followed you already! i've been reading your blog for the past few all the beauty and food talk!!:) hehe sure! i would love to have you and kat in one my workshops! miss yah too! hope to see you soon!

  5. Emailed you and reposted on my Twitter and FB :)