Thursday, September 23, 2010

And the winners are..

Thanks so much for taking the time to join my giveaway!
I loved all of your answers!!
Unfortunately, I can only choose two winners. Here they are..

Aiz Kim

What's your most treasured trinket/accessory and why?

The expected and most common choice for the married one like me would be her wedding ring but there's one special accessory i truly truly treasure. This one has a beautiful back story to it that's why. This gold-framed blue glass pendant was bought by my mother-in-law during her trip to Venice, Italy. She was on a European tour with my father in law and thought it nice to buy a couple of lovely jewelries for their future daughter in law. That was really sweet since at that time my husband was still in middle school (laughs...perhaps because he was the only son)! A few days before our wedding day (and many years after she bought the pendant), my mother in law handed it to me and told me that it has always meant to be mine. I was so flustered and touched by the gesture and felt so welcomed in the family. I wore it close to my heart ever since.

What's your most favorite RockyBeads creation?

When I first found your blog on the web, i fell in love with your creations immediately (really! not trying to be a suck up here). I use more fabric, beads and paints crafting my creations and it was my first time to see polymer creations created by a Filipina...and you know what, it was far more beautiful than those i see on the web. I was instantly smitten. And so I checked out your flickr and facebook and my eyes feasted on so much beauty and creativity. However i must say that it was this owlie locket that took my breath away. It was love at first sight! It is very uncomplicated yet very sophisticated. I love the vintage-y feel to it and am a big hoot lover too!

Aiz, you won this..

Edraine Bernardo

What's your most treasured trinket/accessory and why?

The treasured accessory that I hold close to me always is my classic gold circular locket. (with thick silver swirls/filigree and a pearl at the center) It was given to me by my beloved grandfather. He and my grandmother reside in the U.S.. They worked at the US Ambassador's house. They’ve been working there for a long long long time now, ever since my mom was still a teenager. But even if they're away, they still make us (me, my siblings and cousins) feel their love and care. I am very close to my grandpa. And so that locket that he told my grandma to give me during his last days, symbolizes his love for me. And now, I consider it as my lucky charm:)I bring it to every school activity I join and I wear it always to feel my grandpa's love for me.

What's your most favorite RockyBeads Creation?

I love Miss Rocky's Bib necklaces:)
They are so beautiful. It showed her passion for making unbelievable masterpieces. Reaally:P
By looking at the works of Miss Rocky, I am so inspired to create wonderful things too:)

Edraine you won this...

Thanks again for your heartwarming answers!
Aiz and Edraine, pls email me your address and contact no. I will ship your prizes next week!

Weekend already! yahoo!
So many things to look forward to..Liam's Grandparents' Day event in school, 2 workshops and a party! Can't wait! New post again after the weekend! see you then!

Happy, happy weekend everyone!


  1. Woohoo!!! Congratulations to the winners!!! :)

  2. yey me! i've honestly never been so excited for a giveaway as much as this one. Thank you so much. Will send the email now!

  3. Congrats to the winners! :)

    Sis, I so love your crafts. How much is the price range for your lockets/necklaces? Love the one on your Facebook badge up right. :)

  4. @aiz - got your email add! thanks again! :)

  5. thanks kira!:)

    @mojita - thanks! price range for lockets and necklaces..380 up:)