Sunday, September 19, 2010

I love Weekends!:)

Weekends are really something that I look forward to! Time well spent with my family, relatives and friends! Weekends are also the best because we eat out and i don't have to cook! (lol)
Here's how we spent our weekend..

Woke up to a beautiful saturday morning! Marlon sneaked out while liam and I were sleeping and took a picture of the magnificent sunrise!:)

Then off to my workshop at 9am! I had a super fun time again teaching! here are the projects we made! Stamping, antiquing, Pearlex application, photo transfer and the steampunk bug!

My student was Jackie. She really loves playing with clay. She ate a little of her snack because she just wants to keep on claying! (lol!)

While I was having my workshop, father and son went to the barber shop because Liam already needed a haircut!

His hair before the cut! "Bieber-ish" already! hahaha:)

Then off to a birthday party!! At the party, Liam fell in love with the celebrant, Agatha! He just wanted to stay by her side the whole time! I think he wants to be her Prince! (LOL!!) here's their pic...

Sunday was spent with Liam's grandparents and he played with his cousin, Sophie!

Now back to reality..hahaha!
Orders to be finished, lots of cooking to be done and DIY project to be finished.

Here's the DIY project...a hippie vest for Liam! He'll be using it this saturday for their Grandparents' day Program in school.
Here are the materials that I'm going to use..vest (got it at a sale price of Php 150) and Leeho Dimensional Fabric Paint pen (got 5 colors, Php35 each). I'm still thinking of a design and I'm planning of doing it tonight (24 hours for the paint to dry). Hopefully it will come out nice! hahaha:)

A few more days to go before I announce the winners of the RockyBeads Giveaway!! I will announce who won this Friday!! So send in your answers now!

So that was my weekend! I hope you had a nice one too!
Have a good week everyone!

*thanks to Marlon for the wonderful pics that i always use in my blog!


  1. what a lovely day you had.
    i wanna join the workshop too!

  2. thanks aileen!:) hope you had a wonderful weekend too. thanks for sending in your answer! :)