Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clay Fest 2011

Clay Fest 2011 was a success! Two thumbs up to the Beadlady for organizing such a wonderful event! I had a really good time catching up with my "claying" friends! It was also fun meeting new clayists (and the number just keeps on growing!) Lots of fun activities and demos during the 2 day event! I think compared to last year, the number of exhibitors doubled! Here are pics of some of the activities and booths...

The Beadlady doing a demo about photo transferring images to clay using Magic Transfer Paper.

Jen Cruz's Workshop, Chibi Sculpting Workshop
The Lovely exhibitors and their lovely clay accessories:)

Jen Cruz of purpleluggage! I'm a big fan! :) Her Circus themed jewelry boxes are really works of art!

I really have to take a pic of me with Christi Friesen's work!! It was gorgeous! Wished I just joined the contest instead of judging! haha:)

Here are the Contest Entries! All creative and unique! :)
The winner's Work!:) Congrats Donna!

More about the clayfest on my next post..time to fetch Liam now..:)

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