Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Journal Project..DONE! :)

Oh blog..i missed you. After a very long break, here i am again. :)

I'm finally done with my journal project! yahoo! I really love the way it turned out! Referring to my post way way back..i was supposed to use a different journal ( the cover has butterflies on it) but changed my mind..because last month, i bought a Moleskin sketchbook! I bought one because i really have to have a book where i can put all the designs and projects that i have in mind. I was decided to look for one with very nice paper and will really last for a long, long time. So now I bid goodbye to tissue and scratch paper sketches. haha:) It was really expensive but worth it! The paper inside is so nice to use for drawing and coloring. In other words..SULIT!!

For this project, i used Beadlady Sparklers (mica pigment powders). They are indeed little stars in a jar! They really add shimmer and dimension to your work.

Without further ado..here's my journal/sketchbook..


Here's the first sketch that i made..

And here's my next project! A Shadow Box for my mom. Can't wait to start on it:) I hope that I will get it right! I need to finish it before her birthday.

More about shadow boxes in my next blog. See you again soon!:)


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  2. ms. rocky..great tree again and journal project..
    hmmm 2nd round of workshop?hehehe

  3. Thanks earthlyjewels and cherry! :)

    Cherry, hopefully i can have workshops again:) Pwedeng topic to! Hehe:)

  4. this is just heavenly. Am glad you're back!