Sunday, May 15, 2011

Purpleluggage with RockyBeads :)

I had a wonderful time meeting up with Jen Cruz of Purpleluggage! We've been planning this meet up/swap/chikahan for a long time already! Fortunately, we had time last Saturday to meet up! Yahoo!:)

She taught me a lot of tips and tricks about making polymer clay canes! I'm sure if you attend her workshops, you will really learn a lot because she's really very knowledgeable about her craft! I really admire her work! She really sees to it that she develops her craft by learning more techniques and experimenting with them!:)

Making polymer clay canes is not an easy task...especially for me! I think i need more patience to be able to make them! If only i can buy patience...hahaha:) But when you see Jen make them, it looks so easy! :)

We shared so many things about clay..and aside from that..we had a swap of our work! Lucky me! I got these from jen!

Everything's so pretty right?!:) thanks so much jen!

I made this for her..

We had so much fun talking and claying that we forgot to take pics! LOL! Luckily, my hubby brought out his camera and took pics of us! :)

Thanks again jen for everything!:) Let's meet up again soon! Swap meet again!
I hope you'll get to use the phototransfer pics i gave you and the tips!! :) Next time let's invite more claying friends to join!

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  1. thanks talaga rocky! i really learned a LOT :) and im not just talking about clay :D super duper fun!

  2. wow you guys look like you had a lot of fun! its always so nice to meet people with the same interest!

  3. inggit mode! i would be happy enough to just be able to listen in to two of my fave clay crafters.

  4. Thanks again and again jen! Mwah!:)

    Penny, we really had so much fun!:)

    Jaye! Sama ka sa min next time! Clay ka din para mas masaya!:)

  5. Ang sarap naman... Aku din, makikinig lang...
    Naku di ku din alam anu ang gagawin ku for swap para sa inyong 2 eh super galing nio... Nakakahiya hahaha...

    Miss you Rocky! Muah!

  6. hahaha ikaw talaga peach!:) mwah mwah!:)