Monday, May 23, 2011

drill bits and blade..

Next project on my list...put handles to my drill bits and put a cover on the dull side of my blade. I'm happy because i finished them today!

I have an electric drill but i don't like using it that much because its hard to center the tip of the drill bit on my clay project. Oftentimes, I make a mistake on where i would like to put the hole because the tip tends to slide off-center when i turn it on! If only i can control the flow of electricity! hehe:) So as a solution, i just bought 2 sizes of drill bits that i use manually to make holes on the clay leaves, petals..etc:) But using them without handles is i planned on making steampunk-y handles for them.

For this project, I used the Lisa Pavelka Steampunk Push molds i got a few months ago. At first, they were a bit hard to use because some of the molds were very, very small. I learned that it just takes "water" and the "right amount of clay (as in right!)" to make it work hahaha! :)

Presenting my drill bits and blade...

As for the blade, i made a removable top cover. I get so irritated when i pick up the blade and use it to slice a cane..without knowing that i'm using the dull side! (stupid right?!? hehe) So what do i get?! a smudged cane! what a waste! waaahh! So i thought of covering the dull avoid silly mistakes in the future! hehe its removable so that i can still use the blade to slice through bigger clay shapes.

More pics of these tools on my fb page.:)

Can't wait to make my next project!

Have a good week everyone!

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