Thursday, April 14, 2011

Necklace and Cuff

I made this set to go with my dress for the wedding of my friend:)

Now..I plan to put it up for sale! Pls message me here or in multiply/FB if you're interested to buy it. It was hard for me to let it go..but I thought..I can make another set again right? hehe:)
(more pics in my RockyBeads Sites - FB and multiply)

Have a good weekend everyone! Its a water spa day for us tom! After a week of staying at home, Liam's really looking forward to it..of course mommy and daddy too!:)


  1. Thanks ms. Crafty melody! I read your blog dear! Kakatuwang basahin! Thanks also for the lovely review about my workshop ha? Mwah mwah!:)

  2. Ooh that's really lovely!!!

    Ace water spa???? I love that place :-)

  3. hi!:) thanks dear!

    yes at ace water spa! we loooove it too! :)