Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New workshop area..

I'm really excited to start fixing the new workshop area. After much pleading with matching doggy eyes to hubby..he gave in!! The morning after he assembled these tables..i found my laptop on the bigger table!! I was really, really happy!:) So much space to put in my bottles, tools, supplies etc..etc..! I still have to look for a big cutting mat where i can do all my slicing and still have to think of a table top cover so that the clays will not damage it.

Aside from the shelves, i really love the white board attached to the table!:) I use it to write the menu for the day, reminders....and hopefully soon...names of new clients and their orders or lists of projects to finish!

How's your week so far? Hope everyone's having a good, good week!:)

Just want to share what Liam and I ate for lunch...Tomato/basil/tuna Pasta! So easy to cook!

Have an awesome week everyone!:)


  1. I am so happy to see the new "Rockybeads" work area! And so happy to know you're having a great time there. I miss you Rocky!

  2. Wow rocky! Love your workstation :) Im now thinking of how I can nag my husband to 'expand' my current table. I like the length of yours, so much space!

  3. Btw rocky, i read about this place in australia you might want to check out. i dont know if its close to your area but if you decide to go on a trip this could be one of the places you'd want to visit!