Sunday, August 7, 2011

when the crafting and claying bug bit me...

I wasn't prepared because I have nothing to tinker with! It was really frustrating! I was like an addict who badly needed to sniff..not any bad substance but the smell of baked polymer clay! LOL!

I was so inspired by the works of my fellow clayists belonging to the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild. The Challenge last month was to make something using clay and was aptly called Trash to Treasure! All of their works were really something you'll forever treasure.
You can look at the entries here.

3 entries with the most likes will win. The 3 winners were..

Jen of Purpleluggage (1st prize)

Jhoi of Enjhoi with Clay (2nd prize)

Melody of Crafting Time (3rd Prize)

Looking at each one of them added more fuel to the fire!! Lol! So many ideas entered my head but i have no materials to use. :P I was really itching to make something! First i thought of learning how to knit..but after watching tutorials about it...I felt that it wasn't for me. So when Liam and I went to the library..i saw a book about making your own fleece monsters (which I'm sure Liam would love to play with)! After reading the book...we went straight to the craft store to buy thread, needles, stuffing and felt! I asked Liam what monster does he want me to make first and he answered Rufus! After making one, i was hooked! I made 5 they are...

I'm happy because Liam was really happy playing with them! He still sleeps with the little star monster that he calls "Berry"!

Now my clay and tools are already here and with so many ideas and projects in my head..i don't know what to make first! Finally, I've decided to start with the tutorial that I've been thinking for a month already! Hopefully tonight the claying bug will bite me again so that I can start making these projects.

So hello clays and beads....we meet again!:)


  1. those are very adorable monsters! happy claying!

  2. thanks michelle!:) happy claying also!

  3. love the monsters ms. rocky :) nice to know you're back making wonderful clay creations :)

  4. thanks donna!:) super happy that my clays are here with me again! hehe love your blog btw! will follow you!