Monday, August 15, 2011

Varnish Bottle..

When my claying and beading stuff arrived, I needed a new bottle for my varnish because I can no longer open the cap of it's original container. It became sticky and the cap just got stuck to the rim :( Luckily, the cap has a spout, so it's still possible for me to transfer the liquid to a new bottle. Luckily also, I kept the vinegar bottle I bought a month ago. I loved it's unusual shape that's why i kept it. The opening of the bottle is also wide enough for the paint brush that I use in applying the varnish.

I can't just use it as it is..I needed to decorate it with what else...but Clay! LOL! I looked in my clay boxes and found my scraps. I also found some polymer clay canes that I made before and was planning not to used them anymore and mashed them together when I thought..why not just use this canes in decorating the bottle. So here's what I came up with.. has a nice shape right? :)

I used the mica shift technique for this..

Left side..
middle part..
right side..

Lesson learned..always keep unusual shaped bottles and never say goodbye to your scrap clay canes. Lol!:)

Finally i had the time to make the rose cane that Jen of Purpleluggage taught me before we left. (thanks again jen! ) Here's what I made..

I will make more soon. Now back to taking care of Liam and then back to my working table!:)


  1. Cute bottle rocky! and love the earrings too, you've been really busy :)

  2. Really lovely! :-)
    Can I go through another workshop with you again? hahaha!
    I miss you!