Monday, August 22, 2011


It's so nice to join groups that share the same love that i have for polymer clay:) These groups have monthly challenges that can really test your creativity and can keep you up on your toes in thinking of designs that follow the theme of the challenge.

Clay Friends had their own challenge for this month...and its all about using the Mica! Sadly, I didn't get to join this one. But I love all the projects that they made:) You can check out all the entries here.

I joined the challenge in P3 or Philippine Polymer Clay Guild. It's called the Pinoy Challenge! You have to incorporate indigenous materials in your clay project! I chose sinamay and this is what i came up with..

I was supposed to make a necklace using the petals..and it was supposed to be gumamela..but at the last minute i changed my mind! LOL! But I'm happy with what I made. (detailed pics here) I think using sinamay as a base for your cuff is nicer than using metal cuffs because its lighter and cheaper. You can also bake that medium with your clay. So there's no risk of your project getting burnt. Thinking of making another one..:) Pls. watch out for the other works of the guild members..they will be posted soon on the P3's Facebook Page.

There's another challenge that Im thinking of joining and it has Cirque Du Soleil as a theme! I'm sure as soon as you read the're mind is already thinking of circus designs...right?!? Wishing that I can think of a design soon!

Now off to finishing that tutorial! :)

Have a good week everyone!


  1. This is sooo amazing! I can't even comprehend how talented you are!

  2. These are complete works of art, gorgeous!

  3. thank you so much for the lovely comments, kim and kayla michelle!:)

  4. I'm still learning about polymer clay so I went about to hopping sites. These are beautiful. I like the big flower petal and the leather gives sort of Amazon-ish feel. ☺ Thanks for sharing.