Monday, August 8, 2011

mica shift..

First time to play with clay using this technique! It was really fun to do:) I used the ff.: sculpey texture sheet, i mixed gold sculpey3 and brown Nendo clay.

starting to shave off the elevated parts..

starting to see the image..

tadah! flat and i can see the stamped image clearly!

Cut a portion of it and put it on a setting..still thinking of just making a clay frame for it..

I love how the image shifts with the light! It's so pretty in person..I still don't know how to take a picture of it properly..will ask hubby.

Now I'll try to use other stamps and other colors of clay. I think this technique is very nice to use in designing compact mirrors and lockets!:)

Have a good week everyone!


  1. rockyyyy!! this is AMAZING!! :D


  2. thanks nike!! how are you na?:) hope all's well! im sure your little girl's big already!:)

  3. Ang ganda!!! But of course -- lahat ata talaga ng mahawakan ng hands mu, for sure gaganda :-) Thank you soooo much for using Nendo too. *tight hug*

  4. Peach!!! thanks sa touching comment!:) dapat talaga naghoard pa ko ng madaming madaming nendo bago ako umalis!!!