Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here are some of the works of my students!
They are all masterpieces because i know that they all made them with so much love!

Pendants with very unique designs by Anna Eusuya

Such beauties!:)

Lovely steampunk hearts by Jackie Bernardo.
CF inspired!:)

Pretty clips and pendant by Cherry Frivaldo

It really warms my heart when my students email me that they made something really nice after our workshop cause it shows that they learned from the 4 or more hours we spent together! Seeing them apply what they learned is something that i'll treasure forever!:)


  1. such lovelies! Now i gotta get me some of that workshop even though it entails a 6hour ride from Baguio to Manila. Am sure it would be worth all the inconvenience. Please book me Ms.Rocky for November! I would love to do some personalized gifts for my in laws in time for our Christmas visit. Thank you!
    Aiz's last blog post: Lacey days and Mondays

  2. What else can you expect from clayists who have attended workshop from the guru Rocky!? Of course, nothing but EXCELLENCE and GREAT PROJECTS! =)