Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm back!

I have been so busy these past few weeks and so glad that i'm back! So many things to blog about and i don't know where to start! :)

Last weekend, i had my workshop with two girls...they're sisters, Kristine and Sharon!! I had so much fun with them! First time to have two students!:) Unfortunately, hubby accidentally deleted the workshop sad. But I requested the girls to send me pics of what they did....we made cutie dolls, a bear and taught them 2 photo transfer techniques!

It warms my heart when I get lovely workshop feedback! Here's what kristine said:

"I’ve tried clay crafting 2 years ago but after a few tries (I can’t even use the mold correctly) I decided not to pursue with it so I sold most the materials I bought at a fraction of its cost =(. Then just a few weeks ago I decided to give clay crafting another try… w/ my sister we had a workshop with Rocky (RockyBeads) I must admit my hopes were low and didn’t even imagine that I would be able to create a little girl though her blush is awful and a pigbear that was supposed to be a teddybear; I guess all I need is a GREAT instructor =)… Thank you so much Rocky for sharing all your ideas with us, and for being generous in sharing us your techniques =). Regards to your adorable son Liam and your photographer hubby Marlon…"

For this week, I was busy finishing orders and making Liam's costume for the Halloween party in school! Liam wanted a centipede costume and boy was i glad that days before i started making it, he changed his mind!! hahaha! I can't imagine making those tiny legs!! From being a centipede..he wanted to be a spider! Ok with me because to make that costume.. only 8 legs are needed! hahaha
Here's what he looked like wearing it yesterday..

And these are the projects i finished this week..

I'm really looking forward to Liam's semestral break!
Now..i have more time to fix the house and finish orders! haha!:)

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Liam's so cute! :) I still have to find a costume for P-nut. Maybe this weekend :)

  2. Yiiii! love my overloaded rose lockets! just can't get enough of those. soooo pretty!

    did you make liam's spider shirt? galing naman! he looks soooo cute in it.