Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Project

What am I up to now?:)

Aside from making some orders..I'm busy thinking of a design for a project that I'm planning to finish this month. Here are the things that I'm going to use..

a journal notebook, polymer clay and BEADLADY Sparklers!!:)

I can't wait to start making it!
I think i'm going to give this as a gift to a balikbayan friend:)

I had a wonderful weekend again! I will post pics later after hubby edits them hehe

Let your hearts take flight today!

Have a good, good monday!:)


  1. I betcha it'll be one SUPER LOVELY project...! What can you expect from the Guru herself Ü I miss talking to you already. Can't wait for November! :)

    Dapat nandun kau 3 ha - You, Marlon & Liam! *hugs

  2. hi ana! thanks! hope all is well!:)

  3. hi peachy!:) yes miss making chika with you! will post our workshop pics this week! will tag you ha? of course!! will definitely be there!!:) mwah!