Saturday, November 27, 2010


In a few weeks's christmas once again! I thought this year will be not be a not so busy season for me but i was wrong! :) Orders to be finished, gifts to be bought, some packing for a trip to be done, christmas dinners to attend to..hay the list just goes on and on! But i'm not complaining! haha :) I just can't wait to have a very long vacation..nothing to think about but just relax and enjoy with my family!

So far, i've finished a bulk order, some rose full lockets, bracelets and now i'm scheduled to finish another batch of rose full of lockets!! Funny but i really don't get tired making those! haha i love thinking of colors that can go well together!
I've been spending 2 hours a day in starbucks!! Waiting for liam and working on some orders:) Just a few more stickers to go..then ill get the planner already!! haha i think before liam's christmas break, ill gain quite a few pounds!! Starbucks coffee is sooooo sweet! :)

I hope everyone's having a very nice long weekend! Now, we're off to my mom's house! yummy food awaits!:)

I'll be blogging about my past workshops soon!

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  1. funny cuz am also frequenting starbucks these days for that much coveted planner....these are adorable as always and the cupcakes are just the cutest thing!