Thursday, July 12, 2012

Music Box

Finally, I'm finished with the music box! I bought it in New Zealand during our last trip there. There were so many melodies to choose from. I thought I can't find some here in Sydney but luckily I found a shop in the city carrying kikkerland music boxes! yahoo! I think the next tune that I will buy is Hey Jude!:) 

I really didn't know how to make the box. I tried surfing around the net, hoping that I would find a tutorial about it. The only link I found was about a workshop with Doreen Kassel! I wish I was somewhere near the US so that I can take her class but sadly I'm too far:( In the link, I saw the materials that they were going to use for the music box workshop. Included in the list is a cardboard box. A light bulb moment!! I have cardboard boxes in my stash and the music box fits inside! I'm sure you can buy these boxes in your local craft shop. Next step is to figure out how to secure the music box inside. It has holes for screws. Luckily, I have screws that fit in the holes! yahoo! With all the materials complete, it was time to start covering the box with clay and making the top design. It was something for Liam, so I thought cute animals on top will be the perfect design. But honestly, I was really torn into making something cute or making something elegant (yes! the usual flowers, leaves and  butterflies!). But decided in the end to make something that Liam will like. It is also the melody that I sang to him when I put him to sleep when he was still a baby. 

ready to be covered:)
Here it is..

Here's how it sounds...

 I'm off to make another project! Have a wonderful Friday everyone!